Canadian officials have posted a recall for certain Nestle brand infant formula.

The formula is being recalled by the company because of possible contamination with cronobacter, which can cause serious infections and often death, especially among young babies.

The recalled product was sold nationwide in Canada. As of the posting of the recall today there had not been any illnesses confirmed in relation to the product.

There is concern that consumers may already have the product in their homes and be storing it for future use because the expiration dates reach into July 2024.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has initiated a food safety investigation that may lead to the recall of other products or an expansion of the current recall. The agency is monitoring the recall to ensure that all of the implicated infant formula is removed from commerce.

Anyone who had purchased the recalled formula should destroy it or return it to the place of purchase.

The formula can be identified by the following information:

Nestlé Good StartSoothe (infant formula)942 g0 55000 38369 1Batch no: 301757651Z (EXP 2024 JL 18), 301757652Z (EXP 2024 JL 18), 301857651Z (EXP 2024 JL 19)

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