Calise & Sons Bakery Inc. produced Italian Scala Bread but packaged it in another product’s bags, prompting the company to initiate a recall.

Italian Scala bread with sesame seeds was packaged as golden flax seed Scala bread, according to the company’s recall notice posted by the Food and Drug Administration.

The bread was distributed to markets in Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut. The recalled packages have a white plastic clip closure with a sell-by date of 12-06 and Julian date of 327.

There is concern that consumers could still have the bread in their homes because it has not yet expired.

“Calise immediately contacted our sales team and distributors to begin a voluntary recall of this product. Product not yet distributed has been pulled off our trucks. Our sales reps having been returning to the stores to retrieve the product,” according to the company’s statement. 

In accordance with our “Recall Policy & Procedure,” we are voluntarily recalling this product from our wholesale distribution pipeline and any retailers that have received this product, according to the Calise recall notice. 

“We ask that if you are in possession of this product to please throw it out immediately and record the number of packages discarded. Credit for the discarded packages will be issued at the time of your next delivery. Also, please notify your customers to do the same,” the company advised retailers. 

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