2018 was a bad year for food – Salmonella-tainted Tahini, Chicken, Hamburger (a.k.a. “Hamberders”), Eggs, Turkey, Pasta Salad, Cereal, Melon, Coconut, Chicken Salad, Kratom and Sprouts; E. coli-tainted Romaine Lettuce (2 of them) and Hamburger(a.k.a. “Hamberders”); Listeria-tainted Pork Products and Deli Ham; and Cyclospora-tainted Salads and Vegetable Trays have sickened thousands.  And, those are only the ones the CDC reported.  There are a dozens and dozens of localized foodborne illness outbreak tied to a variety of products and/or restaurants that do not make the news.

So, as I have said:

“It’s a bad sign for food safety if Bill Marler is hiring lawyers and paralegals.”

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