gloved-injection-406After dealing with an outbreak of Hepatitis A late last year, Hamilton Township, NJ, has introduced new food safety laws to fine restaurants for health violations and require that establishments prominently display food license and food inspection reports. If passed by the Hamilton Township Council, Ordinance 15-025 would require restaurants to pay $350 for a third food safety violation and $500 for receiving four in a two-year period. An employee of Rosa’s Restaurant and Catering in Hamilton contracted Hepatitis A last November, and three more area residents were also sickened. Officials confirmed during routine questioning that the individuals had eaten at, or from, Rosa’s during the first illness, but they were not certain that the subsequent cases were related. In the months before the outbreak, Rosa’s had received multiple health violations. Hamilton’s current law imposes a $250 fine on restaurants with two or more violations in a two-year period. The council recently rejected an ordinance which would have upped those fines to $500 for a third occurrence and to $750 for the fourth. According to the Trentonian, Council President Dennis Pone said Tuesday that the ordinance rejected May 5 was “a little too intrusive” and “anti-competitive.” The new proposal to scale down the increase in fines would also require restaurants to display their food license and food inspection reports in a “prominent, readily visible location near the licensed establishment’s main entrance.”