More free Hepatitis A vaccines are available from 1-4 p.m. MDT today for people who ate at Tortilla Marissa’s restaurant in Fort Collins, CO, after June 17. The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment is distributing the vaccines at its clinic in Fort Collins. People who ate at that restaurant after June 17 are encouraged to call (970) 498-6767 and make an appointment. Diners may have been exposed because a worker at Tortilla Marissa’s tested positive for the Hepatitis A virus. About 835 of Tortilla Marissa’s customers have already received the vaccine, according to the health department. The agency will continue to provide free Hepatits A shots at its three clinics through July 8 for anyone who consumed food or beverages at Tortilla Marissa’s within the past 14 days, counting from the day that the shot is received. The vaccine is not effective if a person was infected prior to two weeks from the time it is received. Hepatitis A can lead to serious liver disease and cause flu-like symptoms, yellow skin and eyes, dark urine and severe stomach pains and diarrhea.