British retailer Marks & Spencer is recalling three mussel-based food products after illnesses were reported in the U.K. All packs of the following products haven been removed from sale and are being recalled from customers:

  • M&S Mussels in Garlic
  • Unique code: 00604819 & 00929189
  • “Use by” date: all dates
  • M&S Mussels in White Wine
  • Unique code: 00720618
  • “Use by” date: all dates
  • M&S Mussels and Clams
  • Unique code: 00667104
  • “Use by” date: all dates

Customers who have purchased these products are directed not to eat them and to return them to the store for a refund. No other Marks & Spencer products are known to be affected. The company is recalling the products as a precautionary measure while investigations are taking place. The supplier of the mussels is unnamed, and the exact nature of the illnesses has not been reported.

  • David Pickering

    Following the last twelve months where the scandal of horsemeat has dominated the food
    recall news agenda, I find it refreshing to finally see a high street
    supermarket truly valuing the process of recalling a product.

    As per the above article, Marks and Spencer has recalled thousands of packs of its
    Scottish mussels, but unlike other recent incidents, this has come before there
    have been any concrete and actual cases reported of associated food poisoning,
    despite there being some customer complaints. Some say lucky for the brand, but
    I’d suggest this was more to do with a clear and current strategy for product
    recall, ensuring that when a situation or crisis hits they are prepared and
    ready to act. This results in brand damage to reputation being kept to a
    minimum, whilst also showing the supermarket as being on top of its product
    range. Without this, the headlines could have been a whole lot worse.

    David Pickering, Chairman, Eclipse Marketing