Zachary Confections today announced that the company’s Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs, which were previously recalled for potential Salmonella contamination, do not contain Salmonella and are safe for consumption. According to a company press release, Zachary Confections recalled its Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs with code dates D3245D, D3145E, F3145E and D3245E after a lab test indicated that they were potentially positive for Salmonella.  Zachary Confections initiated the product recall to prevent them from reaching consumers while conducting further tests on the marshmallow eggs.  Those additional tests returned negative for Salmonella. In a press release, Jack Zachary praised his team’s efficiency in conducting the earlier recall:  “I am proud of the swift responsible actions taken by our team.  I am comfortable with our decision to communicate with our Retail Partners and the FDA about this possible issue.  We are confident that our efforts as well as those of our retail partner, to remove the suspect product from the distribution channels, resulted in insuring that the American consumer was protected at all times.” The company’s original recall was announced on February 28.