At least 39 people fell ill with Norovirus infections after eating at a restaurant in central Illinois last week, according to the local health department. All of those sickened were among a group of 80 people who attended an end-of-year banquet for a high school soccer team at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Peoria, IL October 28, reported the Peoria Journal Star. Though the restaurant served a total of 1,100 meals the weekend the banquet was held, no patrons other than those who attended the banquet contracted the virus. Victims experienced typical symptoms of Norovirus infection, including vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Health officials at the Peoria City/County Health Department, which is leading the investigation, say they don’t predict any people who did not attend the banquet are at risk of infection. “It was an isolated incident, based on where we’re at in the investigation,” said City/County Health Administrator Greg Chance, as reported by the Peoria Journal Star. A restaurant inspection after the outbreak did not reveal any evidence of contamination.