Chicken of the Sea Internationalof San Diego, CA is recalling several product codes of oysters imported from Korea and sold under the Chicken of the Sea, Pacific Pearl and Ace of Diamonds brands.


No illnesses have been reported in connection with the canned oysters, and no other codes of oysters or any other Chicken of the Sea products are affected by the recall, which was based on findings by the FDA of unsanitary conditions in the processing of shellfish at specified plants in Korea.

The recall is for:

– Chicken of the Sea Whole Oysters 12/8 oz UPC 4800000267

– Chicken of the Sea Oyster Pieces 24/8 oz UPC 4800000069

– PacificPearl Whole Oysters 12/8 oz UPC 7175902112

– Ace of Diamonds Whole Oysters 24/8 oz UPC 7760015508

– Pacific Pearl Smoked Oyster Water 12/3.75 UPC 7175902119

  • David Arita

    Where does chicken of the sea get their clams.
    used some in a paella dish and my family members had instant dysentary

  • Renee Bernard

    David: I suggest you report your family’s experience with the clams directly to Chicken of the Sea. They need to know this just in case the recall should be extended to other shellfish.

  • Chicken of the Sea is recalling canned oysters as a result of norovirus contamination of shellfish growing areas in Korea. The norovirus is killed by the canning process therefore removing the hazard but canned foods are included because of the potential adulteration with fecal matter, even though it is “sterilized”.
    I doubt it was canned clams (assuming they were canned) that made David ill. The canning process would kill all vegetative pathogens that would cause this type of intestinal distress especially since the process is designed to kill the far more heat resistant botulism.

  • Jan

    I was eating a can of the oysters and was trying to chew up a fishing line that was in the can. I was eating directly out of the can and did not the see line till it was already in my mouth. I could not believe it, just goes to show nothing processed is safe to eat. The product code on this can is 48000 00067. I doubt I will ever eat canned oysters again.

  • 9604

    Is it safe to eat CHICKEN OF THE SEA fancy smoked oysters in oil…A PRODUCT OF CHINA.

  • carole l

    Add UPC 071759021110 Fancy Smoked Oysters – unfortunately took me two times to figure out what made me miserably sick – product of China