Nestle Purina PetCare Co.’s Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch jerky treats or tenders, and the Del Monte Corp.’s Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats were the brand names most often cited by pet owners and veterinarians in complaints to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about illnesses possibly linked to dog treats made from chicken, according to a report Tuesday by said those brands were implicated in an FDA report obtained through a public records request.

The FDA had declined to identify specific brands, saying repeated tests have shown no definitive link to any brand or manufacturer. Nestle Purina and Del Monte have said their treats are safe. There have been no recalls.

Since pet owners first raised the issue in September 2007, the FDA says it has run numerous chemical and microbial tests on Chinese chicken jerky samples but found nothing conclusive to link the treats to a growing number of problems in dogs, including kidney failure, liver disease and Fanconi syndrome.

In November last year, the FDA issued a warning, saying pet owners should be aware that chicken jerky products from China could be associated with reports of Fanconi-like syndrome in dogs, and to watch for signs of decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, increased water consumption and urination in dogs that had eaten jerky products.

Last week, FDA spokesperson confirmed to Food Safety News that the agency has recently received more than 600 reports from dog owners who say their pets have fallen ill or died after eating jerky treats.

Thousands of pet owners have now organized on the Internet asking the government to force a recall of chicken jerky dog treats manufactured from Chinese chicken. 

After receiving pressure from U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the FDA agreed to inspect four Chinese facilities along the chicken jerky supply chain and expedite further tests in an effort to discover the cause of the illnesses.

  • Eillen

    So this is why my dog has the poops and throws up after they eat one of these treats!!!!! Well for the price of these I think I will start making my own chicken treats for them and back goes that large package of chicken treats from Costco, that for the price consumers have to pay for these they should be good. Why do we have to get treats that are made in China, We in America can’t made them????? I don’t understand what this country is coming too.
    We need jobs here not in China !!!!! At least we know better what those chickens are all about, are these chickens that were diseased serverall years ago. The culture has little regard to pets and we know what they do with dogs over there and they do not breed them for pets!!!!! So when making treats for dogs I believe they have no regard to health and safety of our dogs. If i knew these were made in China They would not be on my grocery list!

  • John

    @Eillen: No, we can’t make their treats here. We used to use the leftover cow/chicken parts to make pet food, but now we use it to make PEOPLE food after blasting it with toxic ammonia!

  • Caitlin McDade

    My one year old puppy has been very sick the past two weeks and after many tests and thousands of dollars we believe it is due to the consumption of the Waggin Train Chicken Tenders. I have a maltese and I would give him one of the chicken tenders in the morning while I was getting ready and he LOVED them. After about a week he stopped eating the chicken tenders and would turn his nose away when I tried to give it to him. I didn’t think anything of it but then about a week later he refused to eat anything, dog food and human food, both of which he typically loves. He became very lethargic and began to vomit. We took him to our local vet and they believed it was pancreatitis and gave us medicine. However the medicine made him throw up more and he still refused to eat and now also refused to drink water. This went on a few days before he had to stay overnight connected to IV fluids. He spent 2 nights at the local vet before they transferred him to the animal hospital and was placed in the ICU. All of his tests came back normal, they did x-rays, 4 ultrasounds and basically any form of testing was done and nothing was found. Eventually they had to put a feeding tube in so he could get nourishment since at this point he had not eaten in over a week. Thankfully he is doing a little better now, but still has his feeding tube in. After reading the articles and the symptoms, the vet believes the Waggin Train chicken tenders played a big factor in him getting sick and that if we hadn’t caught it early and paid for the medical attention he really need he would be dead right now. So please be very careful when using these products!

  • I just adopted a pet, and I caught this articale on fb…and found out I have a bag of these fourtunatly I dont feed these to her often as I prefer carrots. I havent noticed any funny business with ber so I hope I found out in time that she wont suffer….I was astounded to find out how long this has been going on and that I’m just finding out abt it now…its a shame this country is too lazy to take care of our ppl and pets that we need to look to other countries for our foods. Honestly its embarrassing! I hope something is finally done before too many more pets have to suffer this…..simply put I will b keeping what’s left of her bag so if anything funny its the first thing ill have them check for….to the ppl going through this now with their pets or have lost them to this my heart truley goes out to u because all u were doing was thinking u were treating ur pet….not killing them ūüôĀ

  • anonymous

    I had my yorkichi die in August after we were unable to get her to the vet fast enough, she had been eatting the chicken rapped yams for months and pooping blood and throwing up. My bishon started and the vet put her on antibiotics and other meds he recovered, all along we thought it was from the canned food being left out for longer than 20 minutes. Then we adopted a coton and she started getting sick after we gave her the treats of chicken wrapped yams , took her to the vet and after blood work showed her liver enzymes were off we stopped tha poisionous treats and she seems to be getting better. my vet made a good point… the paints no good from china, so watch the dog toys you buy, the dry wall is no good, their infant formula was harming their babies… why we thought their dog treats would be ok ….. I need nothing CHINA has to offer… just wish the dog store we trusted would stop selling the garbage or at least post the FDA alert near the products… I refuse to shop somewhere that they care more about making money at the expense of your loved pets. I say boycott those stores and maybe they will change the crap off their shelves and look out for our pets.

  • rebecca

    Caitlin McDade,
    I can not BELIEVE how similar your story sounds compared to what I experienced with my pug, Loui. I fed him half of the Canyon Creek chicken jerkey on saturday around 8ish then when 12:30 came around, he vomited and stay up all night from being super sick. Then, Sunday morning , he became very veryy ill. His body temperature was at 90 (normal body temp is between 100~106?), his mouth was cold and dry, his gums were completely white and the worst part was that he couldnt even stand up yet alone walk. He was staggering like he was drunk and lost all appetite for anything edible. I eventually took him to the after hour emergency animal hospital and stayed there for 3 days. He was diagnosed with a severe case of pancreatitis was kept on IV fluids the entire time. I called back yesterday to inform the staff at the hospital of the hundreds of cases from these dog treats and they blew me off like I was NUTS! I am SOOOO ANGRYYY about what these treats did to my dog and feel terrible about the other unfortunate dogs that have gotten sick and died. All I know is that my dog was in SO MUCH PAIN and will never support or give chicken jerkeys made from China ever again.

  • Janice Richardson

    We have a 14 year old rescue Corgie we have had for 8 years he was totally fun, happy, playful, then after the treats just laid around, crawled and hid and had pee accidents and pooped in house he had never done either before.
    Then I found blood in his poop we took him to vet… We had fed him both the wagging train and milo’s …
    He is on ground turkey meat now… He is back to acting normal except when you touch his sides he barks and acts like he is going to bite you…
    Vet doesn’t see anything more wrong with him..

  • Shannon Clement

    I am sooooooooooo angry that this has been going on for so long. Up until this morning I have been feeding my dog Wagon Train Chicken Jerky treats and just last week took her to the vet and paid almost $150 for blood work. Something is wrong with her and the vet states that “she must have gotten into something”. Really ticked me off that my new vet is blaming it on that. Our yard is chemical free and the ONLY thing she eats other than her dogfood is these Chicken Jerky treats. I am going to push this as far as I can to get myself heard about this. How dare the FDA ignore this issue because they can’t find a problem in a lab. LISTEN to the people who are giving you Living and Dying proof that there is a problem with these treats. ArGHHH!!!!

  • Lena Hames

    I am so MMMMMAAAAAADDDDDDD!!!!!!! right now i could eat nails. Just heard on the local news about the chicken strips and thought i would pull info on net ( they said very little on their report. My chihuahua has been eating Milo’s chicken strips for month’s. Righ now he is being treated for congestive heart failure…he’s on heart med’s and lasix for fuild build up…he’s 10 and i have seen the x-rays and there’s no dought that he has a enlarged heart and fluild.Butfor there to have been a problem with this treats just burns me up!!!!! why have the public been made aware of this before now???????????I have very little time left with him and I hope to God that i have not been making things worse by giving him these treats!!!! I think i will go cry now and get it out of my system….I AM SO MAD!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    This is finally making a lot of sense regarding the health of our Coton de Tulear. He has been getting sick off and on for a couple years, and each time is treated for “sensitive stomach”, and/or possible pancreatitis, along with tests for giardia. He has had to have the fluid IV’s for dehydration, blood tests, stool tests, and take anti-biotics and medication to help with the painful stomach, vomiting and diarrhea each time. We couldn’t figure it out because it keeps coming back and we have been so careful where we take him outside and even have him on a special diet….but, he has still been getting the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders sometimes, and also the Waggin Train Cowboy Steaks as treats. These are really the only treats he likes. However, he never got many of them because he would always end up with diarrhea, and then we were never sure if it was what he was eating, or something else. We thought all this time that he just really did have a sensitive stomach, and so we would limit them (we even thought for awhile that it was from the neigbor spraying stuff outside). But we just had another really bad bout with the sickness, and this was the worst yet. Really bad diarrhea with blood, vomiting with blood, and he was really in a lot of distress with pain in his stomach. Back to the vet, and another round of blood tests and the works. He is just now recovering, but taking him much longer….this really was the sickest he’s been and we thought he may not make it through. Now we find this out about the recall, and he had just had one of those treats about 4 days before he started showing signs of being sick. It all makes sense now, and the fact that the FDA knew of this a year ago is extremely irresponsible on their part. If they are not going to protect us from what is coming in to our country, who is? I’m also in favor of boycotting stores that are more interested in making a sale rather than the safety and health of our pets. It also makes sense that since China does not value pets in general, why would they have our pets in their best interest…it’s all about the $$$. I for one am going to be making my own dog food and treats, and if I do end up purchasing something for him, it will for sure be a U.S. Company that has produced it, and one that I have done my homework on. We’re the ones who have to protect our pets, and it’s our responsibility to do so – they can’t…and yes, I agree, the jobs need to stay in the U.S., so let’s buy AMERICAN and take care of ourselves for a change. We love our little guy and never want to see him go through this again.

  • Cheryl

    Our toy Manchester Terrier dog Rocket got ascites after eating one of these treats. He had to be drained three times and it is a miracle he is alive. We will NEVER buy any non-American dog food or treats again. The FDA needs to monitor pet food TOO!

  • Jon

    Thank God i was listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast AM last night we just bought our minpinrat terrier Fender a bag of Milo’s Chicken Jerky Treats for her birthday yesterday. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost their pet to this. The insanity needs to stop.

  • Deanna

    For all of you that are so mad that you’re just finding out about this issue now: you can thank the FDA for keeping a lid on this and only now finally submitting facilities to testing under pressure from politicians and petitions. For all of the dog owners and veterinarians that have been and continue to scream about this issue on the internet and do their due diligence at submitting samples, symptoms, and etc. – my hats off to you – thank you for doing the thankless job for so long and my heart goes out to all of those dog owners who have lost a dog or have a sick dog.
    Please everyone – don’t stop with the treats – give good scrutiny to the dog food you’re feeding too. Chicken from China can end up in the dog food. And FYI to the manufacturer that lists ‘made in Thailand’ rather than ‘made in China’ – not good enough. Try ‘made in the USA from USA inspected facilities’.


    i have known about the china chicken treats for awhile now i don’t give them to my dogs and if you care about your pets you won’t give them to your dogs let the FDA and chinese eat them. why would any one pay $10 or more to KILL their pets. does wal-mart and DOLLAR GENERAL hate pets or do they just care about the money??????????? WE ALL NEED TO SPREAD THE WARNING

  • Lauren Capra

    I use Blue Buffalo dog food and treats . All AMERICAN MADE- you can check their web site they make chicken and turkey as well as other treats .
    I own tweo toy poodles and went through hell and back with them getting sick from Waggin Train. I had them hospitalized many times for dehydration from diarrhea and vomiting excessively . I wrote and called the company and was just sent more coupons . It took my friend s dog dying and the news media to finally open my eyes. NEVER AGIAN WILL I USE CHINA PRODUCTS !!! Only USA!!!! THIS BLUE BUFFALO IS HOLISTIC AND IT’S AWESOME. I URGE YOU ALL TO AT LEAST CHECK OUT THE SITE. BTW I AM PRINTING OUT ALL THE PRESS COVERAGE ON THE WAGGIN TRAIN AND GIVING IT TO ALL LOCAL NY PET STORES AND HAVING THEM TRY AND REMOVE IT FROMTHE SHELVES. I HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN SOME STORES. I LOVE ANIMALS AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO SAVE THEM. THEY DON’T HAVE A VOICE AND RELY ON US;)X

  • Sheryl McLaughlin

    My husband and I are mourning the loss of our two, four yr. old Basset Hounds, Moon and Bandit. We waited until we were retired to get these two pups so we could spend lots of time with them and we committed to making all their food and kibble. Each week we make boneless, skinless chicken breasts, fresh melon & blueberries and cooked yam chunks, string beans and brown rice and powdered doggie vitamins. They grew strong and healthy with shiny dark coats. We had their blood checked each year when they had their physicals to make sure we were feeding them correctly. About six months ago, we starting purchasing Waggin Train’s Wholesome Chicken Jerky Tenders, assuming they were safer and more pure than many of the bones, etc. on the market. Recently, Moon (our little girl) started throwing up and bleeding from her rear. We took her to the vet immediately but she died on the table. Two weeks later, today, we have taken our other Basset, Bandit, into the same vet because Bandit won’t eat or drink and is now throwing up. Vet called and said liver enzymes are high and he is dehydrated. We will leave him there tonight but prognosis is not good. We will probably have to have him put to sleep tomorrow. We are too sad and lonely to be angry yet. But, felt it was important to share this story with others in hopes that the company will eventually be held accountable.

  • narong

    I am working at FDA and we are looking for the bad chicken treat samples that kills your dog so we can analyze them to compare with the good one so we can distinguise the difference and find out what compounds that kills the dog. This way we can screen the bad treat from the good one in the future. Anyone are interested in sending the samples, please contact me at

  • Natalie Radbill

    I am sorry to say that Costco is still selling these in the local stores. I gave a copy of the article to the store manager in Atwater. He said he would give it to the warehouse manager. Who knows….

  • This is so terrible.My dog loves the Chicken Treats,he is a big dog.He also loves the Duck treats .I wonder about them.Does any one know if that is bad to>We have been feeding him these tgreats for years.I hope he dosen’t get sick.We do not give them to him anymore.We lost his brother to Cancer about 2 years ago,that was a terrible thing he was only 6 yrs old,I hope we don’t lose him.He is our baby.Sorry to all who have lost pets.I hope someone here in the US will make good chicken treats and all other treats There are Americans who need jobs,stop using China products.

  • deborah nipper

    we had a peek-a-poo, loved her very much, we gave her some milos treat, within 1 week my little best friend was dead,it broke my familys heart,she was a very loved dog.she was a membeer of the family. i had a stoke and my dog never left my side.she is missed badly. the FDA better check into this more and why did they not pull the stuff. i got mine a wal-marts in powell, tn. i hope and pray no other aminal has to go through this like my peak.RIP peak

  • Joyce

    My poor dog is in the hospital and has been now for two days. He loves those chicken treats and now is fighting for his life. All because of freakin’ China! This infuriates me and saddens be to no end. We are already well over 1500.00 in vet bills to try to save our poor Barney’s life.

  • steve

    keep outsourcing to china, they don’t care if they kill their own people, why would you think they care about you or your animals. Please read and think about actually making your own for your pets. I now do any he’s just as happy.
    Maybe a boycott of purina and delmonte are in order, since they say there is nothing wrong with their products and all they are is importers that doesn’t even touch the product

  • I am so upset with all of this… rosie has been having seisures for over a year….yes she has been eating these Wagon Train Pure chicken treats, they are her favorite…..someone saw it on the news today and called me immediately…i phoned the company, the phone number on the back of the bag……the woman read me a script for an answer!!!!!!! “The FDA has no proof of such findings bla bla bla”….This is a PURINA Product of which we trust!!~!!!!How dare this to us and our best friends!!!!!

  • Dawn

    My beloved Aussie, Mika died today after a two week struggle ending in massive kidney failure! She was given one Canyon Creek Ranch YAM GOOD duck wrapped yam tReat on July 17, 2012 and vomited within hours and never recovered her health. Mika lost a kidney in 2007 to the first major Chinese pet food horror. I have killed my dog by giving her treats I was led to believevwerevsafe and healthy for her. This is tragic. Why are these products still being sold?

  • Nancy

    I am so sorry to hear about all the losses of your loved dogs. My little 8 month old Morkie, “Sally” was tested yesterday for kidney failure because of Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky. I was to get the test results the next day (today) and cried all of yesterday worried that she would have damage to her kidneys and possibly die. How could this happen to her, she’s only a baby! I’m happy to report that all her tests came back negative, but I’m so sorry for everyone that didn’t have a happy ending. My heart goes out to you all. I’m not finished with all of this though–I am going to get the word out to everyone and anyone who will listen, I’m contacting newspapers, tv stations, etc. We will band together and get these horrible products OFF THE SHELVES! Please know that I’m thinking good thoughts for all of you. Nancy

  • Tim

    Ugh. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!! Look, my Malamute is 15 yrs old. She is my SECOND Mally. Everything SHE eats, I EAT. It’s getting to where, if a breeze blows, folks shout ‘TORNADO’. Never had an issue with these brands, my girl likes them, and I’ll keep feeding them to her. Folks need to quit buying into the mob mentality. It’s treated with radiation, for Gods sake. If your dog is getting sick, it’s most likely NOT from this stuff.

    • Ncl_Mendez

      So you eat the jerky treats as well?

    • deedee189898

      Tim, have you actually been reading all the testimonials that have been pouring in? I don’t think that we’re all imagining our pets getting sick, them dying of kidney failure, or having to take meds for the rest of their lives because they all ate the same specific snacks. You keep eating your Mallies snacks, and hope that you don’t get sick and die.

    • Mont

      Bigger dogs are not as affected as the small ones. The small bodies just cannot filter the toxins. The chemicals used are the ones in antifreeze – its toxic. You have been lucky, not smart, just lucky. Hope your dog appreciates your diligence regarding his health.

  • Terra Naylor

    My dads dog has had Valley Fever for over a year now and these chicken jerky treats are his favorite. He is very sick tonight and keeps throwing up everywhere, THIS SCARES THE CRAP OUTTA ME, I want to be able to trust that our dogs food and treats that I buy from the Pet store ARE SAFE, not making my dads poor lil dude worse that he already feels from the Valley Fever he almost died from.
    Thanks for listening to my rant!

  • Don Dillard

    I have been feeding my two small dogs Wagon Train Chicken Jerky for a long time (maybe two years) One of them is 7 & the other 6. They have not seemed to have a problem with these chicken jerky treats, which we normally get at a Walmart, however I will stop now until I get some informtion from the FDA that they are safe. Thanks for the information.

  • Anne Allen

    I was just reading thru the previous comments and saw that back in March a lady had just found out about this. I just found out about this yesterday 9/21/2012 when a short blurb was aired on our local TV station. I gathered up all the bags of Waggin Train chicken wrapped yams that I have bought over the past 6 months. When they were on sale I snatched them up as my 2 poms and 1 mixed chi/pom absolutely love them. Thankfully this wasn’t a regular every night treat. However the mixed dog did receive chicken jerky almost every night. I will be returning to the big chain store where I bought most of these from and 1 bag from another chain grocery store. I am printing out several different letters to take with me as I want my money back! Like others I cannot believe this has been going on for some time and all bags are marked ‘Made in China’! I feel that enough pets have been ill and died with 1 main factor the same with all of them. These products should be pulled until (1) a common ingredient is located that could be causing this problem or (2) dogs continue to get sick without having the treats available.
    There were days our 4 legged ‘kids’ were off on their food. We didn’t have any V or D so we must have just been slightly aggravating the situation. We haven’t given our girls any for about 2 months due to the hot weather and they being off their food a bit as is normal. In another site one lady was convinced to put her dogs on a raw meat diet. This is not a good idea with all the bacteria that shows up today. She isn’t thinking that although the dogs in the past survived by eating raw meat, today there are so many toxins and bacteria in the air, water and soil that it could make them just as ill. Our 4 legged kids stomachs and intestines are no longer geared for that type of diet since they have been fed food bought off the shelves. If you feel you need to prepare your dogs food yourself you need to be sure it is cooked well and will need additional vitamins added to it that your vet prescribes. Lets not jump from the fry pan into the fire. Be sure you discuss this alternative feeding with your vet. The next thing to consider, and this will be hard on all of us, is to boycott the US companies that are selling these products from China. They need to bring the manufacturing home. We know already that China has a history of damaging the products that are shipped to us for consumption by our pets so why are we not demanding that our pets food be prepared here where the FDA has better control. I don’t want to think that China is actually tainting the food but it is not looking good. Bringing the manufacturing home will help not only our pets but us, too. It would bring jobs to a lot of folks that desperately need them. I, for one, would willing pay a slightly higher price for my girls knowing that the food I gave them is healthy for them.

    • hailey

      I cant beileve this my dog got sick of milos kitchen treats and i looked at back of the bag it didnt say anything bad was in it then i looked it up online and it has ANTI FREEZE IN IT I WAS PISSED OFF GRABBED EVERY DOG TREAT FROM THAT BAG AND THREW IT IN FRONT OF THE STORE I GOT IT FROM I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!

  • Gsully62

    I fed Milo’s Chicken Jerky Treats to our 6 year old beagle, Charlotte, on August 30, 2012 for the first time.¬† She developed renal failure within a week and was gone on September 19, 2012.¬† FDA has leftover treats and bag.¬† TO EVERYONE OUT THERE WITH A SICK DOG FROM CHICKEN JERKY…..MAKE SURE YOU POST YOUR COMPLAINT ON THE FDA WEBSITE.¬† http://WWW.FDA.GOV.¬† We have to be proactive and give them as much information to help solve this major problem!!!!! Get the word out to everyone you know.¬† To everyone whose animals are healthly…..I ADVISE YOU NOT TO PURCHASE CHICKEN JERKY TREATS FROM CHINA.¬† READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE BACK OF THE BAGS.¬† And just because they say they are made in the USA does not mean the products did not come from CHINA!¬† A lot of people are now making their own treats for their faithful friends!

  • Swolverton

    my dog is sick in hospital and i just bought a new bag of chicken jerky a couple of weeks ago. Is there anyway to get the bag tested to see if it has salmonella. By Bull dog is in hospital threw up, diareahha and she aspirated on her vomit and now has neumonia. She lives in house is taken out only to use the facilities. I watch her every move. I would like to get this tested she had about 3 of them when she fell sick. Can anyone help out there. Very sad right now and hope my dogs makes it, I will find out soon.

  • I have a 2 and half year old pom. full breed. He has been getting Wagon Train chicken Jerkys since he was 3 months .Last wednesday night I almost lost him due to the jerkys. I just found out about how the treats are making the pets sick. I was told by my pets vet that she has a feeling it came from salmonella poison in the treats. I returned to walmart where the treats were bought and was told that they would help with the vet bill. I returned to walmart a few days later and now they are going back on their word. How can stores put products on the shelves to sell if they are aware¬† that they are harmful? I love my pet with all my heart and was heart broken when he was sick. He is now on medication and is being treated and watched very closely. I am furious with what is going on and want to follow through with seeing that this doesnot happen to someone elses pet. Can anyone help?¬† 11/12/2012.

  • My name is Robert¬† Provencal and I have two dogs and fed both of them Wagon Train chicken Jerky tenders.¬† My Papiyon died 6 months ago at the age of 7 years and the Vet said it was a tumor on her liver.¬† My Pom/Chi is now 5 years old and the Vet thinks he may have liver problems.¬† I have fed both of the dogs Wagon Train chicken turkey tenders as long as they have been alive.¬† I buy them from Costco and they have not indicated to me that the product may have been recalled. ¬†¬† I now have my pom/chi at the vet’s being checked as I write. ¬† If he is dying of liver problems I will file a law suit against Costco for not informing us of the probable problems with this product. ¬† ¬†

    • I also used to get the chicken treats at Costco for my dog…my cat loved them too.¬† My dog now has liver cancer and my¬†cat died.¬†¬†¬† I hope your dog¬†is okay.¬† BTW – Costco is still selling the treats.¬†¬†¬†

  • Carol DeSanto

    I am horrified by all this! ¬†I CAN’T BELIEVE this has been going on so long and I’M JUST NOW HEARING ¬†ABOUT IT! ¬†January 26, 2013. ¬† My Gracie will NOT get any more treats MADE IN CHINA. ¬†ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. ¬†I will be spreading the word to all my friends to make sure they also know about this! ¬†

  • lynnamaria

    We have two cocker spaniels, age 5 and 8 and 1/2 years old. Neither had ever been sick ever until recently when one had severe vomiting and diarrhea and the other feverish, lethargic, and not eating. Both were given this chicken jerky as their daily treats. We feel certain the illnesses are from the treats as they have never been boarded nor near anything that could have made them sick. I am so angry; the company should pay for our vet bills.

  • Rene

    This article just came to our attention. Our Boston Terrier Charlie loves the chicken jerky treats/strips. he has been ailing at first with itching and hair loss, pills and shots did not help much. After a few months we had to add to that the loss of control of the bladder. Brought him to the Vet again and we found out he had high blood pressure and the beginning of kidney failure.. No mention of chicken jerky. Then another couple of months went by and Charlie started nosebleeds.
    The Vet then started Charlie on a special balanced diet to help his kidneys. Last Friday our Charlie started a nosebleed at 11 am, by 1 pm he was still bleeding and we had to bring him in. Doc was amazed of the regress in Charlie. BP sky high and kidneys barely working. Charlie also barely could stand by himself. He also had lost 12 lbs in a very short time. The Vet mentioned then that Charlie most likely would not make it past the 3 next weeks. Still not a peep about the chicken jerky was said. Until this morning I had to catch it on the News. For the past 3 days The jerky was not given to Charlie. Now I wonder if Charlie will make it or that he is to far gone. Here we are poisoning our dog all the while thinking we pamper and spoiling him with his favorite treats. What a sad deal..

  • fivefootsteps

    Kind of reviving a dead article here but here we are in 2013 with no solution. I just stumbled upon this problem thanks to NPR and my dog hasn’t gotten sick but is instead acting strange. Funny, the packaging is very misleading with a label that reads “Made in USA” and “American Raised Chicken” but then says in smaller print “Manufactured _FOR_ Betsy Farms.” Aaaaannnnddd into the trash it goes.

  • Monti

    I run a small rescue. I stopped buy these products when i first heard about the prblems. No one has ever acknowlegded the issues but a great number of pets are showing kidney and liver p[roblems. The Chinese use chemicals in processing these treats – my dogs loved them but I never buy ANYTHING made in China now.

  • Michelle

    I’m very late to the conversation,but,since this has been going on I had no worries…my dog will NOT touch any processed treats at all.Haha.What does that tell you? He curls his lip in disgust and walks away.
    Now…I have two new dogs.They are a year now and I purchased chicken treats for them.I DID check the origin…not from China.
    I got up this morning and one of them…the one that “steals”the others treats,could not stand on her hind legs.I checked her from head to toe…nothing.She seemed healthy(otherwise)happy,alert,her nose was moist,eyes normal,breathing normal.She was hungry and playful as well just could NOT bear weight on her hind legs.
    It was too early for the vet so I got online looking for other such issues.I found PAGES of them and noone got any answers from their vet after spending 1000’s of dollars on tests.Is there ANYone who has had a similar occurance?

  • mlovestennis

    I have several dog treats…..and want to be sure they are OK for my dog….DIngo’s dental chews and Beggin Littles by Purina…..please help me…don’t want my girl to get sick!!!

  • Gene R.

    I would like to ask one question since I have read some many people talking about Wagon Train Jerky treats and strips. My question is are you folks sure your not talking about Waggin Tails Chicken Jerky treats. Reason I am asking is I have never seen Wagon Train Treats and if we are going to accuse a company of killing our pets we need to make sure we are talking about the right company!!! I was feeding my dog Waggin Tails Chicken for about a year and each time I bought a bag I checked to see where it was made. It always had Made In USA on it. Went to Sams to stock up and read the bag and it said made in China on the bag and I put all 6 bags back on the shelf. Came home and looked at the two bags I had and thank GOD they were both marked USA. I called Waggin Tails and asked them how much of the Chinese product was put in Made in USA bags and the lady assured me that what is on the shelves that says Made in China is the very first and I told her that if my dog got sick I would be coming looking for her and she was almost crying when she got off the phone. About an hour later a man from Wagon Tails called me guaranteed me that the chicken Strips from China were safe. I told him I didn’t trust his company and I dang sure did not trust China to make anything made for pets and that they had lost me and as many people as I could tel about that company. Since I love my dog and have had her going on 15 years and she loves treats I began buying Jacks Links original Beef Jerky in the 1 lb bag at Sams as it is made in Canada and USA and is for humans. I took a bag of it to my dogs vet and let her read the ingredients and she said she didn’t see any reason why my dog couldn’t have them. I said goodbye to Waggin Tails over 7 years ago and now if I can’t eat it neither can my dog when it comes to treats………..JMHO

  • Beached

    Add FARMLAND Costco Chicken Jerky to this list!!!! I have to throw out a whole big bag of these things as my dog kept throwing up from them. They should be held accountable.