The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship says whole milk with an expiration of Oct. 22, 2011 from Farmers All Natural Creamery in Wellman, Iowa has been recalled due to concerns that at least some of the milk from that facility may not have been properly pasteurized. 

The Department conducted laboratory testing on the finished product by State Laboratory Evaluation Officers that have been certified by the FDA. The results tested positive for residual phosphatase, indicating that the milk may not have been properly pasteurized and therefore could present a risk if consumed. 

Farmers All Natural Creamery believes 954 gallons of milk have been sold to four distributors; UNFI (Aurora, CO), UNFI (Lancaster, TX), Calma Optimal (Franklin Park, IL), and Natural brands (Wood Dale, IL). 

The milk was manufactured on Oct. 3 with an Oct. 22, 2011 sell-by date. Milk from Farmers All Natural Creamery can be identified by the plant number 19888 printed on all gallon containers. The four distributors have since been notified and milk is being pulled from shelves.

The milk can be returned to the store it was purchased from. These milk products should not be consumed, according to the state agriculture department.