An Ontario, CA company is recalling 1,423 cases of frozen avocado pulp and 1,820 cases of avocado halves distributed since June because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Fine Mexican Food Products (FMP) said in a news release that the recall was the result of multiple positive Listeria monocytogenes sample test results in avocado pulp manufactured at the same facility in Peru. FMP has ceased the production, importing and distribution of the product as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the company continue their investigation into what caused the problem

There have been no reports of illness related to the avocados.

The recall involves frozen avocado pulp and IQF avocado halves distributed in California since June 2010.

The frozen avocado pulp has an FMP white label on the corrugated shipping carton. The pack size is 2.2 lb. /bag 12 per shipping carton with a product code 00115.

The IQF avocado halves are in 3 lb. /bag 8 bags per shipping carton with product code 00131 and expiration dates of June/July/August 2012.

For more information call Fine Mexican Food Products, Recalls Procedures, at 909- 947-4296.