It has been nearly 2 years since Food Safety News made its foray into the online news scene.  In those two years we’ve reported on the emergence of new technologies to improve food safety, legal and legislative battles over food safety issues, and too many food recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks to count.  

changeX-internal.jpgThus far, changes at Food Safety News have included additions to our staff of writers and editors in an effort to ensure we’re able to keep up with every day’s news and continue to provide a quality product.  

What’s changing now?

We’ve re-vamped the homepage a bit to dedicate more real estate to the biggest food safety stories of the day and to better feature contributions from guest writers.  The site will soon offer advertising, as well.

As we move forward with our mission to become the premier source of food safety information in the online space, we hope to continue to improve Food Safety News so that our offerings provide you, our readers, the valuable information you’re looking for.  Please always feel free to suggest story ideas and contribute to the food safety discussion by writing opinion pieces or contributed articles.

Editor’s Note:  If images on Food Safety News are displaying oddly in your browser, please try clearing your browser’s cache – or recent history – to resolve the issue.