The Government of Canada has proposed amendments to its Seeds Regulations to clarify grading, labeling and advertising requirements for seed of plant pest tolerance management (PPTM) varietal blends. 

Canada is proposing to move forward with these amendments to respond to the evolving needs of the seed and crop sectors. The amendments have been published in the Canada Gazette, Part I for a 30‑day comment period.

The amendments would clarify that seed of PPTM varietal blends may be graded with Canada pedigreed grade names in the same way as seed of a single variety, if it meets the varietal purity and seed quality standards for that crop kind. 

The proposed amendments would more clearly define the requirements for grading, labeling and advertising of PPTM varietal blends and would apply to major crop kinds grown in Canada. The amendments are based on feedback received during a series of consultations with plant breeders, grain producers and seed distributors.

The introduction and widespread use of PPTM varietal blends that prolong the effectiveness of plant pest tolerance characteristics in plants may provide ongoing economic benefits to the agriculture industry.  For example, a varietal blend that is tolerant to the orange blossom wheat midge pest could reduce current producer losses by an estimated $74 million per year.

For more information on the proposed amendments to the Seeds Regulations as published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, visit the CFIA website at or call 1-800-442-2342.