The San Francisco Health Commission approved a resolution Tuesday to hire more health inspectors and to give the public easier online access to restaurant inspection reports, according to Mission Local.


The panel stopped short of requiring food establishments to “post the most current inspection scorecard in a window or other locations visible to the public,”  the newspaper reported. 

San Francisco restaurants are already required to post their health inspection reports, but they’re often placed in out of the way places, if at all, and they’re not required to post the green card that shows the restaurant’s most recent inspection score.

The idea of posting letter grades, as Los Angeles and New York do, was first proposed six years ago by then-Supervisor Chris Daly, but panned as a  “scarlet letter” system by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.

The newspaper said the Community and Public Health Committee will explore whether to switch to letter grades after a new Board of Supervisors is seated.

  • dangermaus

    The best way to protect yourself from food poisoning is to PROTECT YOURSELF. Programs like this make it easier to make informed decisions about what and where you eat, and how you buy it.

  • Cameron

    ….Allowing and expecting the “Golden Gate Restaurant Association” (or ANY other food safety organisation for that matter) to “Self-Regulate” with out seeing the forth-coming consequences, is like allowing the Accounting, Banking, Communications, Defense-Dept, Environmental, Fiancial, Geo-Petroleum, Housing,……Oil, etc.. industries to self regulate…. and looked what happened to those industries because “some americans” don’t want government oversight (until their affected of course). When we as a society allow self regulation by and from most industries in “this ” country….from “A to Z”, watch for the calamities to occur, because they will. If San Francisco wants to play the “Major-City” card on the American landscape, then S.F. should allow it’s restaurants to display their score cards, regardless what the Golen Gate Restaurant Association wants.