Mamey-flavored ice cream sold under the La Nuestra brand has been voluntarily recalled by Montalvan’s Sales Inc. of Ontario, CA as a precautionary measure, according to the FDA.

The ice cream, which was distributed through retail stores and restaurants in Nevada and California, was made with the mamey pulp that was implicated via a strong epidemiologic link to a recent outbreak of Typhoid Fever caused by Salmonella typhi in several Western states, the FDA said in a statement.

Mamey fruit is grown in South and Central America and typically is mashed into pulp to flavor juice, smoothies and frozen desserts.

The La Nuestra brand Mamey Ice Cream comes in a 1 pint paper container & also a 1.5 gallon plastic pail.  All lot numbers are affected by the recall.  The UPC Codes for the 1 pint size ice cream is 7-56869-17610-2 and the UPC Code for the 1.5 gallon size of ice cream is 7-56869-17599-0.

Because of the potential health risk, the FDA has warned consumers not to eat the ice cream and to discard it.