Over the weekend the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced more detailed information on Diamond Pet Food’s September recall of Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat and Premium Edge Hairball.

The company recalled the products in September because they have the potential to cause thiamine deficiency. 

According to the FDA, thiamine is essential for feline health. Cats with thiamine deficiency can develop gastrointestinal and/or neurological problems.

Early symptoms of thiamine deficiency include loss of appetite, salivation, vomiting, and weight loss. Later stage symptoms include ventriflexion of the neck, difficulty walking, falling, and seizures.

Untreated, thiamine deficiency can result in death.

The recalled products were distributed to over a dozen states, including: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Diamond is aware of 21 cases of thiamine deficiency connected to their products–so far they have only received reports from New York and Pennsylvania.

The company found that thiamine was lacking in their products during testing. Subsequent testing by the FDA showed there was insufficient thiamine in cat food in additional lots, beyond what the company listed in the recall.

See affected date codes here. If your cat has consumed any of these products and is experiencing any of the above symptoms, seek veterinary attention. The recalled pet food can be returned to the retail outlet for a refund, consumers may also contact Diamond directly at 1-800-977-8797.

  • Nancy

    This is just scary! And I don’t even have a cat. I have 2 dogs that eat Diamond brand dog food and I have noticed since switching them over about 2 months ago that their stools look horrible. I did the switch gradually, just like we’re supposed to. I was just talking to my husband about it yesterday and how we should switch back to Ol’ Roy from Walmart. They never had any problems on Ol’ Roy, and to my knowledge, Ol’ Roy has never been recalled.
    Damn you Diamond!!!

  • I belive this pet food pproblems are just getting out of hand. I lost two cats from the menue food recall, filed the paper work twice and can not get any answers except someone is appealing. Well good for them but how about the feelings of us? No one has the decienty to even give use a call.My cats were 17 years old and 6months old never sick a day until I killed them by feeding them.So good for you diamond food now you can break pet owners hearts also.

  • Cindy

    Peggy, I know how you feel. I am in the same boat. I lost 2 cats to menu poisoning, and the appeals could just go on and on. Both my cats were 15 and WERE healthy. I was trying to feed them something healthy with no soy because of one cats was showing signs of possible thyroid problems, so I changed to a canned food, and killed them in just a couple of months after changing! I have 2 new cast not, and had been feeding them raw homemade, figuring that was the safest and healthiest food to give them. Then one cat started getting allergic reactions to fish and chicken, so I am having SUCH a hard time trying to find something healthy that he can eat and now THIS again! It is so scary!

  • concern4pets

    Thanks for recognizing there are pet food safety issues. Please
    keep it up because commercial pet food is often deadly. And, if possible, can you mention or help get pet food put back in S510
    and House bill as passed for food safety consideration? Classed
    with “animal feed,” it has been left out yet again at present.

  • Regardless of recalls I would feed anything before Ol’ Roy. Dead dogs and cats, roadkill, and spoiled meats from the market, no thank you!
    I am amazed that nobody on here has mentioned natural cat food. Besides EVERYTHING on the commercial market is grain laden. Cats are true carnivores and have ZERO requirement for grain, so why feed them by products and 40-60% carbs. WHy do you think cats are having so many issues? Because we are feeding them the opposite of what they need. A No-Grain diet is best for EVERY cat regardless.
    See http://www.catinfo.org, look up Taste of the Wild, EVO, Orijen, Acana, Wellness, the list goes on and on. No they are NOT sold at wal-mart, or any other big box store that only cares about profit. These companies for the most part send their money on ingredients NOT advertising!

  • The best way is to feed your cats home-made food. Check out catnutrition.org, rawfedkitty.org, catinfo.org or even my own, shinyhappycats.com