After federal regulators found Salmonella on iceless green onions supplied by Circle Produce to several shippers, including Ocean Mist Farms, the company issued a “precautionary, voluntary recall” of 1,746 cases of the onions.

According to Ed Boutonnet, president of Ocean Mist Farms, the company traced back the product and “in the interest of public health” recalled the product and suspended receiving Circle Produce green onions.

“We’re seeing more inspections and regulators throughout the industry, which is good. It’s having a more positive effect in ensuring food safety, and through our systems at Ocean Mist Farms, we’re able to trace back and quickly recall a product,” added Boutonnet.

The recalled iceless green onion pack styles and code dates are as follows:

• 4 x 12 count
• 2 x 24 count
• 36 count 5.5 oz Cello Bag
• 40 count 5.5 oz Cello Bag

Trace Back Code: 95ONCP7G
Production Dates: 80309; 80709; 80809; 81109; 81209; 81309