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Purina, Milo’s Kitchen Recall Dog Treats for Unapproved Antibiotics

Both Purina and Milo’s Kitchen are voluntarily recalling chicken dog treats nationwide due to the potential that the products may contain trace amounts of residual antibiotics.

The recalled products include Purina’s Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch dog treats, as well as Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers.

On Monday, the New York State Department of Agriculture discovered traces of unapproved antibiotics used on chickens that made its way into the Chinese-made food products. The antibiotics in question are approved by China and the European Union, but not the U.S.

Since 2011, more than one thousand pet owners in the U.S. have reported dogs falling ill or dying after eating Chinese chicken jerky treats. A similar spike occurred in 2007. Food Safety News published an in-depth report on the issue in March 2012.

In July, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released five years’ worth of data on pet treat testing, but could find no conclusive evidence of harmful substances out of 285 tests.

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  • Trader Joe chicken jerky is made in America. That’s what I buy. 

    • slowbro

       Too bad we don’t all have Trader Joe’s available.

  • These ”chicken jerky” treats have been killing dogs for years and no one will do anything about it. DON’T give your dog ANY of these treats from Milo’s Kitchen or Waggon’ Train, they cause kidney failure.

  • fdasani

    My dog died from eat  Milo’s Kitchen  Chicken Jerky .She was very sick and was put to sleep  on 01/16/2013 for Total Renal Failure from eating this. She was 8 yrs . Brought it from Petsmart

  • fdasani

    My dog died from eating Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky. She was in total renal failure.Don’t give your dog’s these treats

    • Tomi Greene

      What were your dog’s symptoms of renal failure?  I’ve been feeding my dog Milo’s Chicken Jerky for quite awhile.  Lately, he doesn’t want to eat much (of anything).  No vomiting or other signs of sickness.

      • Kaheshia Runnells

         That is how my dog started out.Wouldn’t for a while. Then by evening she would eat. Mind you she had been eating this since Sept. 2012. Then on Jan.14,2012 early evening she started throwing up. On Jan.15,2013 took her to vet and they told me she had renal failure. On Jan. 16,2013 took her again to a different vet (ASAPC NYC) and was told she was in total renal failure. She was throwing up blood and pooping blood.

        • curt wilson

          my dog had the same problem i live in central Pa. i took mine to 5 vets i still lost her and miss her i have her brother he is fine.

      • Roberta Uhrig McKee

        Stop giving them these treats.

    • This is awful.  My dog loves these treats.  He is constantly looking for them.  I have been giving them to him for quite awhile now and was not aware of the harm it could cause him.  He has had very little vomiting but nothing that seemed real serious.  There are similar treats availble through Care a lot pets.  Do you know if these are harmful as well??

      • Kaheshia Runnells

        Yes they are deadly to dogs . Antiboics  they feed the chickens in China are very deadly to dog

    • Lost_my_pup

      My airedale terrier also went into complete renal failure right after Christmas.  I had been giving her these treats.  She was only 7 years old.  🙁

      • Kaheshia Runnells

        My dog also past away after Chrismas.I’m so sorry for your lost

  • ihatenazis

    these crap manufacturers killed two of my bf’s dogs. food (and drugs) manufactured for humans is dodgey enough, why would anyone think food manufactured for animals is safe? use human food scraps as treats. they’re dogs, they are just as happy with table scraps as some shiny, plastic-y piece of godknowswhat from china.

  • Tomi Greene

    Does anyone know if Canyon Creek Ranch DUCK tender treats are OK??

    • No, they are made in China, too.  We had them during the scare last year.

  • Can anyone comment on the Chicken Meat Balls?  My dog was given some in a training class on Tuesday.  He’s had the squats since then.

  • my dog loves these treats.  He had vomitting but I was not aware that it was due to these treats.  That is awful.  I have been giving him these and Waggin Train treats for quite awhile now, he does not seem to really be affected.  How can I tell?  There are similar treats available from Care a lot pets.  Are these treats harmful to him as well? 

  • Truthfinder10

    In late Sept. 2012 my mother gave my little dog Sammy 3 of the Milo’s chicken grillers. She has habit of giving a little too much on the treats to our pets through the years but should not lead to anything serious. A few hours after Sammy ate them he vomited them up. He was very ill and would not eat or even drink.Sammy’s stools were all red/brown mucous. I took him to a local vet who took blood tests and rehydrated him with IV for 5 days. The tests came back and Sammy was having renal failure. I took him to another vet for a second opinion and it was the same. 2 1/2 weeks after eating the Chinese made chicken grillers Sammy passed away. I suspected the grillers but the vets disregarded that since “That should not be the problem”. Recently I went to the grocery store and saw Milo’s Kitchen various treats except the chicken grillers on the shelf, all made in the the USA now. I have now read other people’s account of their dog getting sick and even dying from that Chinese poison.

  • I have a 5 year old chihuahua and he has been eating these treats for about one year. As soon as I found out these were being recalled (which was yesterday) I stopped giving them to him. He hasn’t been sick yet. I hope to GOD nothing happends to him. I really do hope that nothing happens to him. My heart breaks knowing I have given my dog these treats that can make him sick…

  • sydney6899

    Pay a few dollars more and buy organic or made in the USA treats…all ingredients are known and pronounceable. Are they 100% safe? Who knows anymore but it is the least that can be done for our furry kids. My dog ate Blue treats and food. She passed from cancer that I believe was caused by over-vaccination in her hind quarters (she had a rare type of cancer). Anyway, my cat, all she eats is Blue food and Blue Treats and she cannot receive all of the required vaccines because she has sensitivities to certain chemicals that give her seizures. So we tread with great caution.  

  • Lost_my_pup

    I am so sorry for your loss.  I had to put my 7-year old Airedale down 01/02/2013 because she was in Renal failure also.  Not sure that I want another dog as I don’t want to go through that again nor do I want to put another animal through that.  And I am not sure any food is safe.   

    • Ree

      Feed a raw diet.  You will know exactly where your food is coming from and it will never be from China.  You can dehydrate meat to make treats.  Really no reason to buy China made dog food or treats.  It just is not worth the risk anymore.

  • Lacnunga

    My personal feeling is that the antibiotics were a scapegoat. The FDA reported that the Glycerin and Propylene Glycol antifreeze that the Chinese used to manufacturer these treats is INDUSTRIAL grade rather than food grade which would have the possibility of serious contamination from other chemicals. AND it is present in these killer treats at amounts of up to 18%. So a 4 oz bag of jerky treats can contain 18 grams (almost 5 teaspoons of Propylene Glycol (which has “only” 1/3 of the toxicity of Ethylene Glycol antifreeze) Would YOU be happy giving your pooch this for a “treat”? http://images.monstermarketplace.com/marine-heating-cooling-and-galley-equipment/sta-clean-antifreeze-propylene-glycol-low-silicate-sca-precharged-800×1302.jpg

  • Debra Light

    This is outrageous! Why isn’t this company being held responsible!? My dogs aren’t sick
    yet, but now I live in dread that they may eventually succumb to the latent
    effects. When I asked my local Petco why they weren’t carrying the Chicken
    Jerky anymore they told me about the recall. When I asked WHY they didn’t
    contact their customers (whose emails they have in their systems) – they had no
    good answer. They wouldn’t even reimburse for the empty bag I still had in my
    trash (sadly my dogs had already eaten the contents). I couldn’t care less
    about getting a refund for one bag of the many, many I’d previously purchased.
    I do care about the health and safety of my dogs. This is outrageous and Milo’s kitchen and the stores selling them should be held responsible. This is outrageous!

    • mommadog1

      NO dogs have gotten ill from Milo’s.. Please read the article!

  • Mike

    I NEVER feed our dogs anything that is made in CHINA…look closely at the packaging, almost all dog treat companies (even the good ones) are distributing Chicken products from China! My guess is that the wholsale price on Chicken there is just too profitable…

  • Saginaw

    My Boxer Died on May 17 4 days before her 7th birthday. we stoped feeding her the treats in Jan after reading an article soon after she had a sizure she died of a siezure the foruth time after stoping the posion in these treats. Please don’t feed your pets these. They Killed my best friend and there is no way to get the posiin out because they wont tell us what it is!

    • mommadog1

      That is because they do not know what is actually making animals ill from the chicken treats. Check the FDA web site and you will see all of the tests they have done. They cannot pinpoint the culprit.

  • Nathan Craft

    I’m a human and I eat these treats. they are delicious.

  • ashley

    if you really care about and want to protect your dogs, MAKE THEIR FOOD yourselves! there are plenty of raw food recipes/books, and if you must give jerky treats, buy a dehydrater! they are not expensive, and you can make jerky for the whole family!

  • Sean18222

    The Milo’s kitchen treats we buy at wallmart say they are made in the USA. Are these treats contaminated. We usually buy the chicken meatballs.

    • mommadog1

      No, the Milo’s have never made a dog sick or killed a pet. They were not contaminated but had a voluntary recall on their chicken jerky. My advice, stay away from all chicken jerky products unless you know they do not get their chicken from other countries. You can get that information by actually calling the company and asking where they get their chicken from.

    • ann ryan

      chicken meatballs are what made my dog very sick $800 vet bill

  • Arlene squires

    How do i know what products use anything from china? All i see on the pkg is “distributed by” an American company.

  • Katy Keiffer

    Have the trace antibiotics been identified?

  • Gina High

    this is outrageous. I sure hope you sued there ass. I was looking for a deal on the snacks not a slap in the face. I don’t feed my dog chicken but the beef sausage slices. I don’t understand where china is in all of this. It says made in the USA on my package. Where do you find good home made healthy snacks for our dogs. Does any one know this answer. Well thank God I found out now while my baby is still healthy. I’m truly sorry for all of your losses.

  • NoJerky

    Milo’s Kitchen and Waggin’ Train chicken jerky treats are coming back to stores in early 2014:


  • deb

    What are the symptoms when your dog has eaten these recalled treats?

  • ann ryan

    milos chicken meatballs just nearly killed my dog. she was in the hospital in terrible pain. the meatballs swell up in the stomach and cannot get to the colon. other side effects in damages the liver. get them off the shelves