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Bill Marler

Bill Marler

Bill Marler is an accomplished personal injury lawyer and national expert on foodborne illness litigation. He began representing victims of food-borne illness in 1993, when he represented Brianne Kiner, the most seriously injured survivor of the Jack in the Box E. coli O157:H7 outbreak, resulting in her landmark $15.6 million settlement. Since that time, Bill and his law partners at Marler Clark have represented thousands of individuals in claims against food companies whose contaminated products have caused serious injury and death. His advocacy for better food regulation has led to invitations to address local, national, and international gatherings on food safety, including testimony before the US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce. Bill shares his thoughts on foodborne illness outbreaks and litigation at his personal blog, Marler Blog, at http://www.marlerblog.com. Bill is publisher of Food Safety News.

Articles Written by Bill Marler

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Publisher’s Platform: General Mills – You Can’t Sue Me!



When Stephanie Strom of The New York Times wrote “When ‘Liking’ a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue,” it caught my attention. At first I thought General Mills could not be serious about trying to deny its customers the right to their day in court if wronged by a General Mills product. I mean,… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Time to Vaccinate Restaurant Workers Against Hepatitis A



In the past few days, restaurants from a Papa John’s in North Carolina to the La Fontana suburban New York restaurant to a Moose Jaw bar, are issuing hepatitis A warnings due to an ill worker putting customers at risk. Hardly a month passes without a warning from a health department somewhere that an infected food… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: WWFFD? (What Would Foster Farms Do?)



First off, good for Tyson Foods for recalling plastic-tainted chicken nuggets. Second, why does “extraneous materials” in a Tyson product prompt a recall, but Salmonella in a Foster Farms product does not? FSIS posted a recall notice from Tyson Foods after it recalled 75,320 pounds of frozen, fully cooked chicken nugget products that may be… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Members of Congress and San Francisco Foodies, Let the Process Work



Members of Congress, and the reporters who cover them, love to be in the know, and, when they do not have that insider information, they feel a bit weak and vulnerable. I get it. I also get that the San Francisco foodie community is upset that they are having trouble getting their fix of grass-fed,… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Thanks to Kelly, Paul, Angela, Merrill, Gabrielle, Peter and Ken


For those who have not walked the halls of Congress trying to get politicians to pay attention to real issues, you may not appreciate what seven of your fellow citizens did this past week. However, I have and I do – and we all should appreciate what these people, my former clients and friends, did… Continue Reading

Salmonella Chicken Recall: Tyson, Yes; Foster Farms, No. Why?



Here’s the question that FSIS, Tyson and Foster Farms should answer: Why does Tyson recall its product after seven people are sickened and Foster Farms recalls nothing after 550 people are sickened in two outbreaks? According to FSIS, a food recall is a voluntary action by a manufacturer or distributor to protect the public from… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: How to Break a Foodborne Illness Story


Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, people get sick from eating food. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that at least 48 million of us get sick each year, with 125,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. Many of those sickened are the “canaries in the coal mine” – people who are the first to… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: If I Were the Chairman of Foster Farms


Flying money

I would chop off the head of (fire) young Ron Foster, or at least clip his beak (find a different spokesperson), despite him being the president of the company founded by his grandparents, for allowing our chicken to sicken hundreds – likely thousands – of our valued customers. Honestly, Mr. Foster is simply not up… Continue Reading