Does a company’s sanitary record figure into its possible criminal conduct when involved in an outbreak of foodborne illness?

That question is being disputed during the pre-trial stage of the United States v. Paul Kruse. Pre-trial motions are scheduled for July 22 in the Texas Western District court in Austin.

Kruse, 67, is the retired president of Blue Bell ice cream, the iconic Texas brand that in 2015 was at the center of a deadline listeriosis outbreak. As they approach the Aug.1 trial date for the start of the federal criminal trial that will decide his guilt or innocence, Kruse’s

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Since January, there’s been nothing new about the coming Aug. 1 jury trial of retired Blue Bell president Paul Kruse. The Department of Justice (DOJ) now is making a little news with the appointment of Tara M. Shinnick to the government’s prosecution team for the trial.

Gustav W. Eyler, director of DOJ’s Consumer Protection Branch, appointed Shinnick to help handle the trial. She is a graduate of the University of California Berkley Law School. She will assist DOJ trial attorney Matthew J. Lash.

Defense attorneys Chris Flood of Houston and John D. Cline of Seattle have also made some minor

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