About a decade ago, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service deployed a diverse task force to look at risk-based inspection.

The first meeting was not very productive. Dr. Richard Raymond, then the undersecretary for food safety, was not expecting much better for the second session. Then Joe Harris began
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GALVESTON, TX — The $2 billion hog market slaughter industry will get more flexibility, and USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service will have greater inspection oversight.Mindy Brashears, the USDA deputy undersecretary for food safety, says the long-awaited swine modernization program is going be reality by year’s end.

Brashears, still new
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Meeting with people outside the federal government usually means hearing about somebody’s else’s agenda, but USDA’s top food safety officials apparently think it can be a two-way street.

During this past December and January, Carmen Rottenberg and Paul Kiecker have used their meetings with outside parties to promote USDA’s Food
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