The FDA is doubling down on its warnings against Real Water Inc. brand bottled water as an outbreak of non-viral hepatitis traced to the water continues to grow. The recalled water is still available as of today.

“The FDA has become aware that Real Water brand alkaline water is still
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The table below shows outbreak investigations being managed by FDA’s CORE Response Teams so far this year. The investigations are in a variety of stages. Some outbreaks have limited information with investigations ongoing, others may be near completion.

The Food and Drug Administration will issue public health advisories for outbreak
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A bottled water company continues to refuse to cooperate with an FDA investigation of non-viral hepatitis. The agency reports that the water is the only common denominator among the outbreak patients.

“Given a lack of cooperation by the firm, FDA investigators have been unable to complete investigations at the ‘Real
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State and federal officials are investigating an outbreak of non-viral hepatitis traced to “Real Water” brand bottled water. Health officials are warning the public to not drink the water. The company has not initiated a recall.

Five children were hospitalized in late 2020 in Clark County, but all of them
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