406x250Raw-Milk1A law permitting shared animal ownership agreements as the legal vessel for consuming raw milk has been singed into law in West Virginia by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. Last year, the Democratic governor vetoed a similar bill, saying it would pose a serious health risk to public health because unpasteurized milk, aka raw milk, contains bacteria especially dangerous to children, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems.’ But this year, after seeing Senate Bill 387 pass the West Virginia Senate 22 to 12 on Feb. 5, and then gain House approval on Feb. 23 by a vote of 88
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The annual raw milk games are underway in state capitols around the country, with this year’s action centered in the Midwest and West. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits the interstate sales of raw milk, each state is free to make its own decisions about raw milk sales within its own borders. Public health experts generally hold that people who drink raw or unpasteurized milk have an increased risk of contracting serious foodborne diseases. But the timeless product has many advocates who claim access to raw milk is a “food freedom.” Texas Senate ChambersState elected officials must decide where
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Indiana may shortly join Wisconsin in adopting standards set by an influential advisory group that may be imposed if the state ever opts to make raw milk legal. The Indiana Board of Animal Health (IBOAH) has until December 1 to give the Indiana Assembly recommendations on the future of raw milk policy in the Hoosier State. In a virtual public hearing conducted between June 1 and September 1, IBOAH collected more than 600 comments favoring raw milk sales in the state. Since the virtual public hearing ended, IBOAH has decided to share the report requested by the Indiana Legislature with
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Driving to Indianapolis for a public hearing about raw milk in the heat of the season is probably the last thing Hoosiers want to do this summer. Instead the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) is conducting a three month long “virtual public hearing” on the sale of raw milk. The virtual public hearing got under way June 1 and will not be over until the first of September. The Indiana General Assembly gave health board’s 11 members, including six veterinarians, the job of studying raw milk over the summer.  BOAH has a December 1 deadline for submitting its
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New Jersey teetered on the brink of allowing commercial raw milk sales last year, but it did not happen.

Assembly Bill 743, setting up a permit system and allowing the commercial sale of raw milk, passed New Jersey’s lower house on a 71-6 vote (with one abstention) way back in March, 2011.   

A743 was then sent to the Senate Economic Growth Committee, where nothing more happened until late December, when committee chairman Raymond Lesniak, D-Union, gave the proposal a spirited public hearing. However, he announced before starting that A743 was dead because it did not have enough votes to

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