European experts and commercial growers have listed a series of recommendations to help reduce the risk of produce contamination.

A workshop in 2019 featured researchers, regulators, growers and other stakeholders to examine best practices to control human pathogenic microorganisms in plant production systems.

The meeting was hosted by Teagasc, the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, and a summary report was published in December 2021. Fifty participants included researchers in food, plant and soil microbiology, agricultural production, horticulture, microbial pathogenicity and virulence, risk assessment, and food safety management.

Kaye Burgess, from the Teagasc food safety department, said: “There is
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When the produce distribution company Mike Dill works for began receiving indemnity agreements from corporate customers asking to guarantee that their organic produce was completely free of adulterants, he was hesitant to agree to a statement that was not physically possible to prove. Dill, the food safety and compliance manager for Oregon-based Organically Grown Company, knew that no fruit and vegetable distributor could guarantee that their products were entirely free from all microbial contamination, however minuscule the risk might be. And yet, that’s exactly what his customers — grocery chains, restaurants, and other produce distributors — were asking his company
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