A week after Maryland officials issued a public warning linking Caribeña  brand maradol papayas to a Salmonella outbreak, produce distributor Grande Produce LLC finally went public with a recall of the implicated fruit.

In the company’s recall notice, posted late Wednesday by the Food and Drug Administration, Grande Produce of San Juan, TX, reported it has stopped receiving papayas from the grower in Mexico that supplied the fruit linked to the outbreak. Neither the grower nor the region of Mexico where the papayas came from have been identified.

As of Tuesday, one person had died and 46 others across a
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UPDATE 1 a.m. EDT July 26: Officials with Grande Produce LLC did not respond to multiple requests for comment Tuesday. The CDC posted an outbreak update Tuesday, with the victim count holding at one dead and 46 others sickened. 

Grande Produce LLC, the importer of Caribeña brand Maradol papayas linked to a deadly and ongoing Salmonella outbreak, has “initiated a limited recall” of the fruit distributed nationwide from July 10-19, according to the Food and Drug Administration — but the company has not made the recall public.

Because the company, based in San Juan, TX, has not revealed the recall
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No recall has been issued, but Food and Drug Administration officials are warning the public against eating Maradol papayas from Mexico in general — and Caribeña brand specifically — because they have been linked to a Salmonella outbreak.

One person in New York City has died and 46 others across 12 states have been confirmed with the outbreak strain of Salmonella bacteria.

“If anyone has these papayas in their home, they should dispose of them immediately. These can be identified by a red, green and yellow sticker shown (at right),” FDA warned.

Grande Produce in San Juan, TX, distributed the
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Federal officials have joined Maryland’s Health Department in a warning against eating yellow Maradol papayas because of Salmonella contamination, reporting one person has died and at least 46 others are sick in an ongoing outbreak that began in mid-May.

The CDC posted this photo with the outbreak notice, describing Maradol papayas as large, oval fruits that weigh 3 or more pounds, with green skins that turn yellow when the fruit is ripe. The flesh inside the fruit is salmon-colored.” Photo courtesy of CDC

Additional victims are likely to be added to the case count because
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