Eleven fresh and further processing poultry plants in five southern states owned by Wayne Farms LLC are on guard after foreign materials found in the company’s Laurel, MS, facility are being investigated as possible sabotage. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Inspector General (IG) has been brought in to lead the investigation of the the March 3 incident. A spokesman for Wayne Farms said the company is “working in collaboration” with the IG’s investigation and cannot comment further until it is complete. WayneFarms_406x250When the material was found by the on-site USDA inspectors at the beginning of the second shift, all
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Five Mississippi counties this year have seen water quality or quantity levels deteriorate to the point where Boil Water orders had to be issued. In the latest instance in Jones County, spikes in total coliform bacteria levels required a Boil Water alert Sunday. Two poultry processing plants – Sanderson Farms and Wayne Farms – shut down for most of Friday, apparently ahead of the formal Boil Water order. Both are located in the City of Laurel, MS, where the Boil Water order affected only six customers located on 9th Street between 11th and 12th Ave. The Boil Water oder was
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