The defense attorneys for retired Blue Blell president Paul Kruse want more struck from the criminal indictment going to an August 1 jury trial in Austin, TX.

Chris Flood of Houston and John Cline of Seattle this time, want the indictment dismissed “to the extent it relies on Kruse’s alleged

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“Surplusage is language contained in a pleading that is unnecessary or irrelevant. For example, in an indictment, surplusage is the allegation of any fact or circumstances that is not a necessary element to the offense.”

-Legal Dictionary

Chris Flood and John Cline, defense attorneys for retired Blue Bell President Paul

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The judge who will preside over the criminal trial next year of former Blue Bell Ice Cream President Paul Kruse is giving the defense team more time to sort out the expert witnesses they may need.

Federal Judge Robert Pitman extended the deadline for the defense to share their expert
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Felony charges against the former chief executive of Blue Bell Creameries must be dismissed because the federal court in Austin lacks “subject matter jurisdiction.”

Defense attorneys Chris Flood and John Cline say the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has declared repeatedly that a district court lacks subject-matter
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