An infected food handler has been identified as the most likely source of an E. coli outbreak at an Illinois high school that saw 16 students sickened and two hospitalized.

A breakdown in hand washing protocol was the most likely cause of the illnesses, according to a 152-page report from

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An E. Coli outbreak at an Illinois high school is part of a multi-state outbreak being investigated by federal officials.

According to school district officials, the outbreak at Huntley High School in suburban Chicago was identified on Sept. 17. Nine high school students were confirmed as outbreak patients, and several

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Public health officials are slowly identifying more students with E. Coli infections in an outbreak associated with Huntley High School in Illinois.

The outbreak was identified on Sept. 17 and now includes nine confirmed patients and several suspected patients. The McHenry County Department of Health has not reported whether any

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Local media are reporting at least five Shiga Toxin-producing E. coli cases have been reported at suburban Huntley High School.

In a letter released to parents on Wednesday, officials said the McHenry County Health Department had contacted them about the outbreak.

Health officials are working to determine “common exposures” among

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