Culturally-targeted Messages and Methods: the Next Generation of Food Safety Education Strategies–one of the final sessions of IAFP 2018–heard several food safety pioneers discuss working programs for increasing the knowledge and practice to span cultural differences.

Dr. Julie Albrecht, University of Nebraska, and Dr. Sinley, Metropolitan State University, discussed the

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The deaths of at least 78 newborns in the ongoing South African listeriosis outbreak has created one of those “teaching moments” about how especially dangerous the pathogen is to pregnant women.

And the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is using the opportunity to warn Hispanic women that they need to
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State and federal health officials are still attempting to get their arms around a deadly two-state Listeria outbreak. One death in California and seven illnesses in Maryland are blamed on the outbreak. All the victims are Hispanics, and among them are two mother-infant pairs and a newborn. All but one
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