Editor’s note: Today Food Safety News takes a look back at the most significant recalls in the United States in 2018. As in past years, our year-end coverage is not merely a list of individual stories by individual writers. Generally, significant events are the other way around. Multiple stories by multiple writers are usually involved in our recall coverage, especially when illnesses or multiple companies are involved. It takes a newsroom — not solo work — to give readers the information they have come to expect from us.

Some of the biggest food recall news of 2018 didn’t come from
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Although the brand was recalled, the Best Buy Date was not part of the recall.  My apologies to my friends at Safeway.

On July 23rd Pepperidge Farms recalled Goldfish crackers because they might be tainted with Salmonella – including packages with the UPC number 1410004921.

Guess what was being sold – and purchased – on July 26 at 3 p.m. at a Safeway grocery store in Saint Helena, CA?

FDA, seriously, it is time to make the supply chain transparent – especially during a recall and/or outbreak.

The code for the recalled Goldfish crackers can be
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