The nomenclature is likely to be front and center when the U.S. Department of Agriculture publishes final bioengineered food disclosure labeling standards. It’s been in the works for the past two years.

And an offshoot of the Council for Biotechnology called “GMO Answers” is out with survey results that suggest the way we’ve been talking about the subject has put the public in a state of confusion. And roughly 3 out 5 Americans just want to know more about GMOs including 74 percent who want to know more about their overall impact on health; and 67 percent who want to
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The plant biotechnology industry, which, until now, treated those who questioned genetically engineered plants as unwashed Luddites who weren’t worth anyone’s time or attention, is well into a new approach. Through GMO Answers, an offshoot of the Council for Biotechnology Information, the industry is doing the digital equivalent of renting a big hall, inviting everyone to attend, taking all questions, and staying until the last one is answered and everybody has gone home. “The industry understands that questions have gone unanswered for a long time and wants to do a better job of answering them in order to
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