Food Safety Summit 2024

By Chirag Bhatt

Estimates suggest that 33 million Americans, among them 5.6 million children under the age of 18, contend with food allergies. This equates to approximately one in 13 children and one in 10 adults. That is roughly two children in every classroom. Alarmingly, about 40 percent of

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By Mitzi Baum, M.Sc., CEO, Stop Foodborne Illness (STOP)

Time and money are two finite commodities. Both are considered precious and in the world of non-profit organizations there are two steadfast rules about both: (1) it takes time to raise money and (2) don’t waste

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To become a better food safety leader, it’s important to have strong communication skills, be able to collaborate with cross functional partners and inspire trust from the team.  Learn this and more from a seasoned group of food safety professionals at the opening workshop Advancing Food Safety Business Leaders to

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By Adriene Cooper, Senior Events Manager, Food Safety Summit

Two brand new certificate courses will be offered at the 2024 Food Safety Summit including Preventive Controls for Human Foods 2.0 presented by the FSPCA and Active Managerial Control for Leaders presented by the Association for Food and Drug Officials (AFDO). 

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