Fair Labor Standards Act

If Homeland Security is investigating the meat industry for human trafficking as was reported, it could be a long time before anything specific about that is known. But the Labor Department has now imposed monetary penalties totaling $1.5 million on a labor contractor who placed more than 100 children into hazardous meat industry jobs. Those jobs were far more widespread than first reported, turning up in eight states in meat plants run by such industry leaders as Tyson, JBS, and Cargill.

Packers Sanitation Services Inc. LTD, based in Kieler, WI, one of the nation’s largest food safety sanitation services providers

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Another meat processing plant, this one far distant from the first, has been found violating federal child labor laws by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The latest violator is Marksbury Farm Foods LLC – a retail and wholesale processor of beef and pork products in Lancaster, KY. The Labor Department investigation found Marksbury Farm allowed eight minor-aged employees to work outside of federally allowed hours and engage in hazardous work.

In late 2022, the Labor Department obtained an injunction against Packers Sanitation Services, which was providing child labor to the JBS Beef Plant in Grand Island, NE. In that case

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