In terms of deaths-per-infection, this year’s Listeria outbreak in cantaloupes ranks as the deadliest foodborne illness outbreak in U.S. history, killing 31 of the 146 people infected and causing one miscarriage. A new discovery by a team of researchers at Cornell University, however, could eventually lead to therapeutic solutions that

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In the negative drum roll about animal agriculture’s role in antibiotic resistance, the Washington State Dairy Federation’s commitment to promoting the judicious use of antibiotics offers a bright note of forward progress.

In an antibiotic stewardship project begun in 1999, the federation joined forces with the Pierce County Antibiotic Resistance
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In anticipation of the new federal regulations on fresh fruits and vegetables expected next year, Cornell University will house a public-private program aimed at providing growers and packers with the most current, science-based food risk and safety information.

Called the Produce Safety Alliance, the three-year, $1.15 million partnership is being

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