Appellate attorney Amy Lee Copeland has provided the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit with Stewart Parnell’s Reply Brief. The reply is to the government’s opposition to Parnell’s 5-year-old motion for his release from federal custody.

“The parties’ briefs are ships that pass in the night,” Copeland wrote

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Stewart Parnell’s attorney, Amy Lee Copeland, requested an extension for filing an Appellant’s Brief, which was granted by the clerk for the 11th Ciricuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.

Copeland was to have filed the brief by June 26. The extension means the brief is not due until July 25

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Savannah attorney Amy Lee Copeland has filed a Notice of Appeal for Stewart Parnell’s motion to vacate, set aside or correct his sentence under a federal habeas corpus action.

Parnell’s Motion was denied Sept. 23 by the trial judge, W. Louis Sands, who upheld the also negative findings of Magistrate

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Stewart Parnell, 66, and Michael Parnell, 62, are set to appear in court during the week of May 24 with their Habeas Corpus Petitions in hand. The nation’s most notorious food safety violators want their freedom from federal prisons. They’ve been in custody since 2015.

Veteran federal Magistrate Judge Thomas
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More than two months ahead of the evidentiary hearing over Stewart Parnell’s motion to vacate his conviction and sentence, his appellate attorneys and the government are disputing the ground rules.

The government on Dec. 7 asked the court to “order setting a reasonable deadline for the parties to exchange exhibit
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