2020 Dietary Guidelines

When the job of recommending dietary guidelines occurred during the pandemic,  the task went almost unnoticed, but so did the conflicts of interest that existed among the 20 people who had the advisory role, a new study finds.

And those conflicts are not going unnoticed with the publication of a second study on conflicts of interests for the advisory panel for the 2020-2025 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  The new study in Public Health Nutrition from Cambridge University Press follows an earlier report on previously documented conflicts of interest by the Boston-based nonprofit, Corporate Accountability.

A spokesman for Corporate Accountability

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Editor’s Note:  We try to frame 10 of the most important happenings every year, but it’s not just about the “Top Ten Stories.” That is because what is essential is rarely about just one story — framing what marks an entire year almost always involves more than one writer; when it comes to food safety, we are pretty good at that. In no particular order, let’s look at what stands out about 2021.

  • Dietary Guidelines go mostly unchanged and unheard

Blame went to the pandemic that turned the usually dominant update process into just another bunch of
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Sarah Reinhardt, the lead food systems and health analyst for the Food & Environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, says she knows how the federal 2020 Dietary Guidelines could be improved.

And her idea is a timely one because the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Committee is meeting today by webcast to discuss its draft advisory report. The committee is charged with writing new guidelines to replace the 2015 version.

“But here’s the thing: five years after making these recommendations, the federal government still hasn’t invested a dime in them,” Reinhardt writes in her blog.  “All the while, poor diets
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