Photo of Volha Samasiuk

Volha Samasiuk is a LL.M. Candidate at the University of Arkansas School of Law. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Law and a Diploma in Law from Belarusian State University, where she has been a Senior Lecturer. Volha has also been a Legal Consultant, Belarus Food Safety Improvement Project, International Finance Corporation, The World Bank Group; National Consultant, Project "Assisting the Government of the Republic of Belarus in Accession to WTO by Strengthening Institutional Capacity and Expertise," United Nations Development Program; Visiting Scholar, University of Washington School of Law; and a Curriculum Research Fellow, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

Food safety and technical standards and regulations are traditionally viewed as effective tools for public health protection. However, they can also be used as protectionist measures aiming to shield domestic producers from competition. The weak legal framework for implementing these measures may lead to trade disputes between countries. Here are

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