Photo of Dr. Richard Raymond

Dr. Richard Raymond is the former Undersecretary for Food Safety at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2005-2008. He now works as a food safety and public health consultant. He is an editor for two food safety blogs, and Feedstuffs Foodlink. He graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical School with distinction and had longtime family practices in Nebraska, where he also served as that state's Chief Medical Officer.

Some of the most disgusting images of modern agriculture being presented to the American public are those of old cull cows being inhumanely treated and mishandled by workers in the slaughter house pens. The Humane Society of the United States, PETA and other organizations that want us to stop slaughtering
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Michele Simon is turning into a pretty regular contributor to Food Safety News.


In recent weeks she has had two opinion pieces on the evil McDonald’s empire that is preying on kids by offering toys in their Happy Meals, and another piece on the cereal industry’s awful attempt to

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