Photo of Ronald Eng

Ronald Eng is vice president of quality assurance at QTrade Teas and Herbs, which invested heavily in IT to monitor compliance, reduce errors and verify the many steps required by auditors. Eng has an extensive scientific background in biopharmaceuticals with an advanced degree in microbiology. To learn more, visit

When QTrade Teas & Herbs’ Level 2 SQF Institute food safety and quality system review is complete this month, a well-deserved holiday rest awaits. For now, QTrade is fully engaged in audit preparations while filling orders without delay. Inspectors will spend two days completing their document assessment of the 70,000-square-foot facility in Cerritos, CA, where QTrade’s 46 employees blend up to 40,000 pounds of tea a day and pack 120,000 conventional and 10,000 pyramid tea bags in two shifts. The company is part of the $1 billion U.S. tea processing industry that includes 41 firms and 1,500 workers. QTrade is
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