Photo of Michael Koeris

Michael Koeris co-founded Sample6 Technologies Inc. in Boston in March 2013 and serves as vice president of business development and operations of the company. Sample6 is the developer of an “enrichment-free” diagnostics platform powered by synthetic biology. It is backed by venture capitalists including Canaan Partners, Cultivian Sandbox Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners, Chevron Tech Ventures, The Kraft Group, Founder Collective and Boston University.

Koeris was a co-inventor with five other scientists on methods of cloning a phage genome that was awarded U.S. Patent 9234227 in January this year.

He is a visiting scientist at MIT, having worked in that capacity since November 2010. Koeris is part of the Synthetic Biology Research Group at MIT working with Prof. Tim Lu in the Research Laboratory of Electronics in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

In August 2011 Koeris co-founded of, a non-profit entity and free resource for collating, sharing and developing innovative ideas for turning scientific discoveries into biotech startups.