Photo of John Munsell

After graduating from Montana State University in Bozeman, John worked for Continental Oil in Oklahoma.  He also worked in Target Stores Data Processing Center in Minneapolis, until Uncle Sam claimed him in the midst of the Viet Nam conflict.  He then returned home to Miles City, MT to take over the family slaughter/processing business.  After 34 years, he sold the business in 2005.  He then opened up a bakery/deli in a local retail market, worked as a Biofuels Coordinator at Miles Community College, was a sales rep for a Montana meat plant specializing in smoked sausages, bacon, and ham.  Most recently, he worked as a teacher’s aide in his local school system for five years and is now fully retired.  A book publishing company is preparing to publish his book entitled “Macaroni & Cheese:  God’s Recipe for Salvation”.