Photo of Gail Hansen

Dr. Gail Hansen is Senior Officer for the Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming.  Ms. Hansen served as the state epidemiologist and state public health veterinarian for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment where most of her work centered on infectious diseases and public health policy.  While there, she led a team of epidemiologists that investigated outbreaks and sporadic cases of infectious disease, evaluated public health prevention measures, and developed disease tracking systems for the state. She has served on or chaired numerous state and federal infectious disease committees, as a scientific advisor for several national and international conferences, and is an adjunct faculty member at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has authored several peer-reviewed publications on various infectious diseases and public health topics and has provided practical training in applied epidemiology to public health scholars.

In his attempt to clarify the issue of antibiotic use in meat and poultry production (“Antibiotics and Animals Raised for Food: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics,” Jan. 7), Dr. Richard Raymond confuses matters. Most importantly, Dr. Raymond mischaracterizes the value of tetracyclines and the dangers of their overuse.
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