Nicomex Inc. is recalling Nicomex Tequesquite (Mexican mineral salt) because of elevated levels of lead.

According to the details posted online by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), the recall was initiated on Feb. 15, 2024, and is ongoing.

The recalled products were distributed in New Jersey, then further distributed to retail stores in New Jersey and New York.

Recalled product:

Nicomex Tequesquite, Net Wt. 1.5oz (42.52gms)

  • UPC: 8 8467810180 7 
  • Packaged in a plastic bag
  • Product Quantity: Approximately 192 units

Consumers should not use this product. Recalled products should be thrown out or returned to their place of purchase.

About lead poisoning
Short term exposures to very low levels of lead may not elicit any symptoms. It is possible that increased blood lead levels may be the only apparent sign of lead exposure. Additional signs and symptoms of lead exposure are more likely with acute exposure to higher levels of lead or chronic exposure to lead. While lead can affect nearly every bodily system, its effects depend upon the amount and duration of lead exposure and age/ body weight. 

If a child is exposed to enough lead for a protracted period of time (e.g., weeks to months) permanent damage to the central nervous system may occur. This can result in learning disorders, developmental defects, and other long-term health problems. For adults, chronic lead exposure is associated with kidney dysfunction, hypertension, and neurocognitive effects.

Exposure to large amounts of lead can cause lead poisoning. While lead can affect nearly every bodily system, its effects depend upon the amount of and duration of lead exposure and age of the person exposed.

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