For the second time in less than a month consumer complaints have spurred a recall of edible marijuana products, this time for more than 330,000 packages.

The new Canadian recall involves all lots of Haven St. Rise No.570 Wild Berry THC Infused Gummy and Haven St. Drift No. 470 Sour Watermelon THC Infused Gummy, according to a notice posted by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The gummies are believed to be contaminated with mold.

“To date, TerrAscend Canada has received 10 complaints regarding the recalled lots, none of which involved an adverse reaction. Health Canada has not received any complaints or reports of adverse reactions related to the recalled lot,” according to the government’s recall notice.

“The affected product may contain mold. In certain individuals, exposure may result in allergic symptom such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny nose or nasal congestion, and watery or itchy eyes.”

Authorized retailers in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Newfoundland sold the recalled products.

There is concern that consumers may have the recalled products in their homes because of their long shelf life. The implicated products were sold from September 2020 through January 2021.

Consumers can determine whether they have the affected gummies by checking for the codes listed below.

“Consumers should immediately stop using this product and return unopened product to the retailer where the product was purchased. Open product should be discarded securely, and out of reach of children and young persons,” according to the recall notice.

Product Name Lot Numbers
Haven St.Rise
No.570 Wild Berry THC Infused Gummy
2002172, 2002228, 2002291, 2002307, 2002308, 2002364, 2002366, 2002372,2002374, 2002381, 2002591, 2002593, 2002670, 2002672, 2002674, 2002774, 2002794
Haven St. Drift
No. 470
Sour Watermelon THC Infused Gummy
2002230, 2002232, 2002289, 2002311, 2002313, 2002339, 2002341, 2002368, 2002370, 2002595, 2002597, 2002599, 2002601, 2002738, 2002740, 2002742

Companies involved in recalling the products, including distributors, include:

  • TerrAscend Canada
    Tel: 1-855-837-7295
  • Ontario Cannabis Store
    Tel: 1-844-627-1112
  • British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch
    British Columbia
    Tel: 604-252-7400
  • Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis
    Tel: 1-800-272-8876
  • P.E.I Cannabis
    Prince Edward Island
    Tel: 902-368-5551
  • Cannabis NB
    New Brunswick
    Tel: 1-833-821-2195
  • Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba
    Tel: 1-800-782-0363
  • Cannabis NL
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Tel: 1-844-757-5986
  • Retailers in Saskatchewan

Previous recall
Complaints of mold in another kind of edible cannabis product caused another company to launch a recall in mid-January. This recall involves one lot of Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd.’s North 40 Black Cherry Punch dried cannabis, which was sold through provincially authorized retailers in Saskatchewan and to clients registered for medical purposes.

The recalled product has a packaging date code of “20-P88 Nov 30, 2020.”

“To date, Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. has received four complaints regarding the recalled lot, including one adverse reaction. Health Canada has not received any complaints or reports of adverse reactions related to the recalled lot,” according to the recall notice.

The company reports he recalled product was sold from Dec. 4 through 23, 2020. Consumers should return unopened product to the store. Opened product should be thrown away in a secure manner.

As of the posting of the Jan. 7 recall notice the following retailers sold the affected product:

  • 5 Buds Cannabis, Yorkto, Saskatchewan
  • 5 Buds Cannabis, Warman, Saskatchewan
  • Delta 9 Cannabis Store Inc., Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
  • The Bakery, Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Tweed, Regina, Saskatchewan

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