U.S. Rep Louise Slaughter (D-NY)

One of the most prominent food safety advocates in Congress is dead at age 88.

The office of Rep Lousie Slaughter, D-NY this morning confirmed the Congresswoman who has represented the Rochester area since 1987 has died after a fall in her home.She was the oldest member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Slaughter suffered a head injury after a fall and was under hospital care for a concussion.

Liam Fitzsimmons, chief of staff for Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, released this statement yesterday (March 15):

“Congresswoman Slaughter fell at her Washington, DC residence last week and was taken to George Washington University Hospital to receive treatment and monitoring for a concussion. She did not suffer any fractures or broken bones and is receiving excellent care from the world-class medical staff at GW hospital. The congresswoman is tough as nails, and she will bring that same spirit to this recovery. We appreciate the outpouring of support and the community’s patience during her recuperation. We will release additional information as it becomes available.”

Slaughter was the only microbiologist in Congress and was active in the Food Safety Caucus. She was a graduate of the University of Kentucky with degrees in microbiology and public health.

The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 counts as among her many accomplishments in Congress. Only a week ago, she was among ten Food Safety caucus members signing a letter to President Trump, urging the appoint of a USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety.

Dorothy Louise McIntosh was born on Aug. 14, 1929, in Lynch, KY.
She married Robert Slaughter in 1957 and the couple move to the Rochester area.

Her political involvement began with her election to a Monroe County legislative seat in 1975. She went on to serve two terms in the New York State Assembly before winning election to Congress in 1986.

She’s won re-election every two years ever since and was the first woman to represent Western New York in Congress.

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