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Salmonella Bredeney

Former Top U.S. Organic Peanut Butter Plant Now Stands Idle

Salmonella outbreak still being felt in New Mexico

Before the foodborne disease outbreak two years ago that spread Salmonella Bredeney infections to 20 states, Portales, NM, could brag about Sunland Inc. being the nation’s largest producer of organic peanut butter. Now in bankruptcy, Sunland was forced in April to sell the plant responsible for those bragging rights for $26 million to help pay… Continue Reading

Sunland Organic Peanut Butter Plant to be Auctioned on Thursday

What began 18 months ago with the recall of organic peanut butter involved in a Salmonella outbreak will end later this week when the shuttered Sunland Inc. processing plant goes on the auction block. In September 2012, when Trader Joe’s recalled its Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter, manufactured in Portales, NM, by Sunland, the processing… Continue Reading

Final Case Count on Peanut Butter Salmonella Outbreak Hits 42

At least 42 people in 20 states have fallen ill with Salmonella in the outbreak linked to peanut butter made by Sunland Inc. in Portales, N.M., according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The outbreak is believed to have ended. One new case has been reported in North Carolina since the previous… Continue Reading

Sunland Peanut Butter Recall Goes International

Peanut products manufactured by Sunland Inc. in Portales, N.M. responsible for sickening at least 41 people in the U.S. with Salmonella have fallen under the scrutiny of international food safety authorities in recent weeks. Consumers in Canada, Hong Kong, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Norway have received warnings about the potential danger of imported… Continue Reading

Sunland Denies Shipping Contaminated Nut Butters

While a government report released this week revealed that Sunland, Inc. knowingly shipped peanut and almond butters that had tested positive for Salmonella, the company adamantly denies that these findings are true. The Portales, New Mexico-based nut and nut butter producer underwent a government inspection this fall after its peanut butter was named as the… Continue Reading

Long History of Violations at Peanut Plant Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

Company knowingly shipped contaminated product

Sunland, Inc. – the company whose peanut butter was the source of a Salmonella outbreak that sickened 41 people this year – has a history of sanitation problems dating back to 2003, according to government reports released Wednesday. Inspectors from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration noted a string of unsanitary conditions at the company’s… Continue Reading

Salmonella Peanut Butter Outbreak Hits 41

At least 41 people in 20 states have fallen ill in an outbreak of Salmonella Bredeney linked to Trader Joe’s Valencia Creamy Salted Peanut Butter made by Sunland, Inc. in Portales, NM. Of those ill, 28 percent have been hospitalized and 63 percent are children under the age of 10, according to the U.S. Centers… Continue Reading

Sunland to Resume Production After Salmonella Outbreak

Violations found at company plant in '08 and '09

Executives at Sunland, Inc., the peanut butter processor linked to September’s outbreak of Salmonella known to have sickened  38 people, hope to resume their peanut business within the week and restart peanut butter production before the end of the year, local Portales, N.M., news station KRQE reported Tuesday. Sunland halted all production in September after… Continue Reading