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Sale and Delivery of Raw Milk Goes Down “The Funnel” in Iowa

For the fourth year in a row, attempts in the Iowa General Assembly to make legal on- the- farm sales of unpasteurized milk and milk products have ended in failure. Legislative experts in Des Moines say all raw milk bills, including House Bill (HSB) 131 that also sought to allow raw milk farmers to deliver to consumers in town, are dead.

State Rep. Jason Schultz, who chairs the Iowa House Local Government Committee, did not take up HSB 131 Wednesday and said the committee would not meet again before Friday’s cutoff date for bills to pass out of a committee in their house of origin.

Schultz, R-Schleswig, personally supported the raw milk bill, but said: “It is clear that the other side does not want to come to the table, and we will work on them during the interim.”

Likewise, Senate File (SF) 61 and SF 77, two other raw milk bills are being killed by the cutoff deadline, which the Iowa Assembly calls “The Funnel.”

A broad-based coalition worked against the three bills and remains on guard. Mark Truesdell, legal counsel for the Iowa Dairy Foods Association, notes that raw milk language could be offered as an amendment to any bill that remains alive in the 85th Iowa General Assembly until it adjourns Sine Die, sometime in mid April.

Such amendments, however, are rare.

The 2013 legislative season is not going well for raw milk advocates as no state law requiring the pasteurization of milk have yet been changed by lawmakers.

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  • As a registered sanitarian (RS) in Iowa and an active member of the Iowa Environmental Health Association, this is good day for Iowa. It’s not the sale of raw milk to those who want to knowingly drink raw milk and possibly die from it but rather, those who unknowingly drink it from those who originally purchased it. Also, once an outbreak occurs from raw milk, all milk sales will be impacted. The saga in Iowa continues. Press ahead Mark and IEHA/IPHA will be there in support of your efforts. 

  • What a big surprise!!!  The anti-raw milk forces have a lot of money.  The pro-raw milk forces have very little money.  So guess who wins.  Science and freedom lose.

  • Brian, you are ignorant how raw milk works.  People who drink raw milk must necessarily buy it from farmers who they have inspected and who they have a relationship with.  It isn’t sold to 3rd parties.  This keeps the farmers on their toes about hygiene.  I am a raw milk advocate, but I don’t want to sold in stores.  Otherwise, look what happened to organic.  It becomes corrupted, and then someone will get hurt.

  •  what right do you have to tell any citizen what they can and can’t do. Let me see you don’ so get a life and leave ours alone. You science is wrong. How many people get sick and die from pasteurized dairy products every year. . That number never comes up. The fact is it eclipses, even statistically, raw milk. This isn’t about raw milk, its ab out big dairies wanting to protect their turf at the same time supplying an inferior product. Also don’t forget all the people getting sick and dieing from all other types of food. If your argument held any merit you would shut down the hole food system. And by the way I am a registered sanitarian, all that means is you know a little bit about septic systems. Maybe you should get some better education before you make ill informed comments.

  • oldcowvet

    no one can stop you from drinking raw milk, you just put it into commerce.  get yourself you own cow and milk away.  the relative risk between raw and past. milk is clear, raw is just riskier.  raw can get contaminated just as readily, one wet tail slapping the udder, and a drop of water enters the milk stream, there you go……..

  • Michael Miller

    Raw milk was bad in the 1920s when there was no such thing as an RS. Milk from a naturally pasture fed cow without growth hormones and antibiotics, and handled with modern sanitary practices is safe and MUCH better for you than the garbage on the grocery store shelf. I am a chef, nutritionist and CFFP