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Raw Milk Linked to Illnesses in Pennsylvania

Stores pull product from shelves

Raw milk produced by the Kimberton Farms Dairy and distributed by the four-store Kimberton Whole Foods is making people sick with “severe gastro enteric symptoms,” Pennsylvania’s Chester County Health Department announced Monday morning.

The department said Kimberton Whole Foods has removed the raw milk products from its shelves in Kimberton and Downingtown. The milk sold without taking the safety precaution of pasteurization was packaged under the Camp Hill Village and Kimberton Hills brands.

The Pennsylvania Departments of Agriculture and Health have joined in the investigation into the as yet unnamed pathogen making people sick. Chester County health officials are also getting help from adjoining counties.

Anyone experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stool and /or abdominal pain within two weeks of drinking raw milk is urged to contact a physician. Anyone with raw milk from the Kimberton Farms Dairy should dispose of it immediately.

Retail stores pulled the raw milk from their shelves after county health officials asked them to take the action.

Retail sales of raw milk are legal in Pennsylvania. State law requires that any raw milk sold in the state come from cows certified by the Agriculture Department as being in good physical condition and disease-free. Cows must be tested for brucellosis and tuberculosis at least once a year and milk is tested for bacterial limits.

Chester County is located just west of the Philadelphia area.

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  • Oh. I am so surprised. 

  • Why does this state continue to allow the sale of raw milk, it is just mind boggeling!  This stuff is dangerous and should not be allowed for sale.  Didn’ this state just have the biggest sickness outbreak in January this year?  I guess they didn’t learn anything. 

    When people get sick on raw milk, the general public doesn’t realize what is going on.  I don’t think they equate raw milk and pasteurized as different products.  The dumb raw milk consumers think they are getting a safe product.

    I think the bigger problem is that this type of sales and people getting sick is contributing to the decline of milk sales, hurting the thousands of other dairy farmers in the region that don’t sell raw milk directly to consumers.  The law should be repealed in PA and NY for that matter!

    • JVCNC

      Jackie, you must go for Obamacare also!!  Just to let you know I am one of those “dumb” raw milk consumers and have been for over 25 years.  Raised my children on it and not just from one location either.  What you need to realize is these dairies are under intense inspection procedures by the STATE and their requirements are MUCH more stringent for raw dairies than pasteurized.  If you will check the records there has been MUCH more illness in people from pasteurized products. This is the truth and a documented fact. 

      We continue to drink the raw milk – now in our late 50’s- and have not ONCE in all these years had any kind of problem as mentioned in this article, nor have any of my clients had any problem.  I’m a Certified Nutritional Consultant, and the raw milk is a foundation for my protocols as people are learning to GET HEALTHY! 

      You need to realize that if someone got sick “on raw milk” people need to be more discerning about the information and where it is coming from.  And my thought is if people got sick then the state is not doing their job in that they are allowing so called inspected milk to be sold. In other words, the milk can only be sold if it has passed the rigouros testing.  So maybe the state should be held liable if that’s actually the case!! 

      Now you have a right to speak what you would like, last I checked this is still the USA – but we are citizens also, and don’t need the left telling us what they think is good.  We are perfectly capable of making educated decisions for ourselves, especially when we have lived the results.  You need to realize there are “people” out there that don’t want others to have what is right and good.  So be careful that you are not going too far in improper and negative judgements based on the little bit of negative information that you have acquired. 

      This country is based on WE THE PEOPLE – NOT the Government as the nanny. ‘
      I pay taxes too and have a life to live and family and friends that believe in this freedom, thank you very much,….
      Have you ever tried the raw milk?  It is absolutely wonderful, and is one of God’s PERFECT FOODS – until the man-made processing is used and it kills all the good that is in it!!  TRUE…

    • Maintenance Shared

      Why is it mind boggeling? People and all other animals have been drinking raw milk since the dawn of time as we know it. Now you want more state regulation. We need to use more of the kiss principal, Keep It Simple Stupid. Make your own decisions! we don’t need to pay more regulators ,to do it for you.                    
         Darryl Commited to Organic Agriculture!

  • People who drink raw milk for its health benefits should understand that there are possible digestion consequences. It is their choice to drink raw milk not the governments. Indeed some people with lactose intolerance will have very similar digestions symptoms with pasteurized milk as those described and people not used to drinking  raw milk could experience digestive upset. Many more people drink unpasteurized milk and claim benefit from it and should continue to have that option to purchase it.  States are now legalizing marijuana and it would seem to me that has more societal and health consequences then drink milk.   

  • Jordan Nikolov

    Just put proper label and problems will be avoided-Labaeling