These companies extend a special invitation to visit their booths on the trade show floor at the Food Safety Summit this year.

BD Consulting Booth #228

DOCEO from Latin translates to “I Teach”. DOCEO Learning Management System is an e-learning tool for workforce training. LMS comes with pre-loaded content (English and Spanish), that is compliant with HACCP, FSMA and GFSI requirements for food safety training. System allows for uploading company specific content such as videos, presentations, and more. Employees can take individual training on smartphones, tablets, or desktops, or attend a group training session. There is no need to purchase additional equipment such as remote controls or receivers. No set up fees! Save time and money with DOCEO LMS. With us, employee training is easy!  

Link: http://bdfoodsafety.com

Michigan State University Booth #414

Michigan State University’s Online Food Safety Program strives to educate professionals on how to make global food systems safe and supports individuals as they advance in food safety-related careers. The program consists of a Master of Science in Food Safety degree, a Graduate Certificate in Food Safety, and non-credit continuing education courses—all 100% online. The program also offers an on-campus executive education program, Creating a Food Safety Culture, where executives come to campus to learn from high-level food safety experts.

Each program will provide food safety professionals with applicable knowledge to navigate the ever-changing concerns surrounding food safety, food protection, and public health. 

Who will keep food safe? Spartans Will.

Link: http://foodsafety.msu.edu 

RGF Booth #712

RGF Environmental Group, an ISO9001:15 South Florida-based designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial environmental technology since 1985, has developed PhotohydroionizationTM (PHI), a disinfection process that combines several non-chemical, non-penetrating radiation approaches, which together can reduce harmful microorganisms in food and air more efficiently that any single approach. PhotohydroionizationTM has been approved for food processing facilities inspected by the USDA, FDA and FSIS. PHI technology is adaptable; it is designed to treat food and equipment surfaces, as well as facility air. RGF also offers high output germicidal ultraviolet light systems for treatment of process water, brines and marinade solutions.

Link: http://www.rgf.com

Saldesia Booth #219

Saldesia “Goddess of Food Safety” is a focused distributor of Food Safety products and solutions. At this year’s show, we will be introducing and featuring Dycem Antimicrobial Flooring & Mats. These high-performance contamination control solutions are the most effective way of controlling all forms of foot, wheel, and airborne contamination from entering critical areas.

Link: https://www.saldesia.com/product/dycem-cleanzone-antimicrobial-flooring/

Booth #644

Today’s FOOD SAFETY NEWS has more than 47,000 subscribers, avid readers who receive our news every morning – Monday through Sunday. As an added bonus, our social media following is rapidly approaching 300,000. No other publication can compete with our reach and frequency. No other publication can do as much for establishing your brand or sending qualified leads to your sales team. As the most widely quoted journal covering food safety issues around the world, no other publication can match our North American and international impact, either.

Link: http://www,foodsafetynews.com